Mothers Day Indulgence…


Today is mother’s day, a day to pay tribute to the woman responsible for giving you life. Whether she plays a big role in that life, not at all or somewhere in between, she is still the woman we think of this one day a year.

To some this is a mournful day, a day their mother is not here to celebrate with them. To others it is a joyous day, a day their mothers are not here to celebrate with them! For me, I’m thinking of the amazing mother in law I never knew and the hole in the hearts that her absence has left on those she loved.

Regardless of what this day means to you it is a great opportunity for reflection. To reflect on your childhood and where you came from to where your journey through life has taken you now.
Perhaps you are a mother yourself and find yourself quoting the very words you heard as a youngster to your own children. I sometimes cringe when I find myself doing something reflective of my mom like finishing the food left on my child’s plate even when I already ate my own.

If you are fortunate enough to play the role of mother, today is a great way to reflect and assess how you’re doing. Are you teaching your children to live a healthy and happy life? We are often great at critiquing the way we were raised as children but how good are we at evaluating how we ourselves are doing as mothers? A simple question we can ask is:  Are we teaching our children to be respectful of others? Are we diligent about teaching by example? Are we eating a healthy diet and living a fit life with our kids?

I did something new this year. I gave my kids gifts, token keepsakes that had nothing but sentimental value. It occurred to me that I would have nothing to celebrate today if not for my children. (Why do we give the kids gifts on their birthdays? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? After all mothers are the ones who went through the act of childbirth? But I digress…)

Today we can look at our position in life and make a decision to improve it. We have a very pivotal role in someone’s life and today is a good day to decide if we are handling that job up to par.

For years now, PSA’s (public service announcements) have a celebrity encouraging parents to talk to their children about drugs. Anti drugs is a great PSA but I’d like to see a PSA encouraging parents to talk to their children about eating healthy and getting out to play.

Thanks to mothers everywhere all across the world and happy mother’s day .

Indulgent Balsam move of the day: Relax. Take a hot bath. Go to bed with a glass of wine. Enjoy your night.

Tomorrow we are back to being moms and that means, school, work, homework, activities and most of all, workouts!!

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