Motivation: Monday is upon us


Its Sunday night. Who hasn’t experienced the Sunday night blues?
It’s very easy to fall into the depressing trap of coming down from the weekend high and anticipating (anyone say “dreading”) Monday’s commencement of work, school , back to reality schedule.
It s very typical to let ourselves go on weekends. We are simply more relaxed, possibly we stuffed ourselves or had one too many while out drinking with friends.
Here’s how I stay motivated to wake up for that early Monday morning workout.
First I let myself go on Sunday. I indulge. Just eat it and enjoy it. Put the guilt to rest.
Its true. I too fall for the weekend overindulgence and have that extra slice of pizza or glass of wine (did anyone say Bottle??)
But thats how I stay motivated to push myself on Monday. I dont look at Mondays diligence and regimented schedule in terms of punishment for the weekends misbehavior, but rather, as my reward for allowing myself to enjoy the weekend of inudulgence.
Tomorrow we begin anew. Fresh start for the week.
Tune in tomorrow and Ill have your Heart rates up so high from my 30 minute intense workout and entry into the work(out) week.
You won’t have time to reflect on todays calories.

So go ahead. It’s Sunday. Enjoy that last piece of dessert.

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