My Diet- upon request


People are always asking me to give them a diet plan that is realistic, easy to follow and will help them achieve their fitness goals. So, alas here is my diet- or at least an example of a typical day.

Take what you want from it. It’s pretty much the same simple foods every day I just vary the combinations in what my family has always deemed “disgusting looking” concoctions.
Now I have to tell you that I am a very picky eater but what I do choose to eat I eat a lot of.
I enjoy eating LARGE QUANTITIES so I always fill up on roughage and fruit.

Keep in mind this is a weekday sample when I am more regimented because as I’ve discussed, my weekends are more “anything goes”.

The simple rule is this:
Each meal eat a lean protein (3-6 oz.) + a complex carbohydrate + a healthy fat. 2 snacks in between are optional but encouraged.

Ok, so breakfast:
I always start with a 24 oz sports bottle of water with coffee. This is an absolute must. Your body gets dehydrated after a full night’s sleep.( Especially if you enjoy drinking alcohol- for every glass of chardonnay drink a glass of water!)Hydrate!

Complex carbohydrate.

On the go I grab a small snack pre gym -a Go Lean waffle is perfect -80 calories and its light-I don’t like a full stomach too early in the morning. Or grab a banana. (Personally I’ve never eaten a banana in my life but they are high in potassium and filling to get you through that workout). I choose to eat my big (second) breakfast after the gym but you can eat any of the following:

1.One piece of Ezekiel bread (carb) with 2 tbsp. Natural Peanut Butter (protein and fat)

2. Fiber one cereal or any cereal with less than 4g sugar per serving + skim milk or plain nonfat yogurt

splenda/ cinnamon + strawberries and blueberries (my favorite summer fare)

3. An egg white omelet with broccoli.(Winter fave) I eat this after my waffle and workout.

4. Oatmeal (not the kind with flavors that they promote on the biggest loser…that is loaded with sugar and you may as well eat Coca Puffs if you choose it). Plain real steel cut oats.


Sometimes I’ll have 3 oz of lox with whole wheat matzo. (I know- I observe passover all year round. Its about the only thing I actually observe religiously)

I also love cold chicken cutlets. For those of you who have known me for years to be a vegetarian….whoop there it is….I lied. I just didn’t like the way you made it.

4. If you drink coffee try and use skim but if you really prefer the taste of half and half or creamer –no biggie-just make sure your coffee is still on the darker side (if you like it the color of a Benjamin Moore Navajo White color pallet then stick with skim)

Mid morning snack (optional) choose:

1. Raw Almonds (20 nuts=100 calories a perfect snack)+ apple or pear

2. Baby carrots+ hummus (I eat this while doing homework with the kids before dinner). Although I do favor air popped popcorn with butter spray I try to save that for weekends because it can make your stomach a bit uncomfortable when you’re not wearing your fat pants.

3. Celery or high fiber crackers (Wasa are good)+ 2 tbsp natural PB

4. String cheese (not my preference as cheese is high in cholesterol. I’d prefer you eat 1% whipped cottage cheese)***

5. Edemame

Now you’re good to go until lunch
I love leftovers!! I usually make a big salad with all the fixins (hearts of palm, avocado,etc)+ leftover salmon from the night before. I mix in a sweet potato (yup- I mix it all together in a big tupperware bowl with dijjannaise mustard-sounds gross but don’t knock it till you try it)

If you’re in a rush why not a sandwich made with whole wheat pita and 3 oz of turkey or white tuna from a can? Shove a little lettuce and slice avocado+ tomato in it and good to go.
The point is to select a complex carb, a lean protein and a healthy fat.

Protein Options:

1. Lean turkey

2. Tuna

3. Chicken

4. Fish

I am not a fan of tofu or seitan but if you’re vegetarian opt for the baked faked stuff not the fried or breaded. You’d be surprised how much fat is in some of the tofurkeyunchicken imitations. I love Morningstar farms veggie patties. Another great option are Golden’s Zucchini pancakes. Only 100 calories and delicious.

Eat the protein with a salad and sweet potato or Ezekiel bread
Or 1/2 cup brown rice


Same as lunch only double up on the protein and vegetables and limit the carbs. I eat a carb heavy day and a light dinner.
You know the saying:
Eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch and a pauper at night.
I do enjoy broccoli , sweet potato and spaghetti squash (yes mixed together) with butter spray and salmon for dinner. Salmon is one of my main staples.
I snack on yogurt+ sugar free/ fat free dry pudding mix with non fat whipped cream as dessert. Whoever invented fat free whipped cream deserves a Nobel prize in my book. I guzzle it straight from a can. Only 5 calories per serving, no fat and the best part is, the entire can is only 200 calories! Ok, don’t go sucking
down the whole can in one sitting (In my house I’m known to do)but a few shnips here and there cant hurt.

Other snack options:
100 calorie Klondike bars are good too (low sugar)
***1% whipped cottage cheese + almonds and dry pudding mix make a great “chocolate cheesecake” dessert.
Or just an apple when you’re not too hungry but feel like chewing something in front of the TV late at night with zero guilt.

OK- the weekend is upon us so do the best you can and if you want to indulge you know my theory- do it!!!! But enjoy it. Savor it. Taste it.
Then go back and read this all over again Monday morning.
Cheers and have a great weekend!!!

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