Naturally Thin


One of the purposes of this blog is to review and recommend different fitness products and DVDs as well as diet plans and books. I will recommend products specifically for each individual, body type and personality.

(Feel free to post questions and I will respond to you individually).

I picked up the book “Naturally Thin” by Bethenny Frankel, the BRavo TV reality star of Real Houswives of New York,  because it intrigued me by the mere title. Why she thinks she is an expert in diet and nutrition is beyond me but she did spend a year at culinary school learning how to make quiches and crepes.

I am all about changing your body and metabolism (it can go in either direction for better or worse) but the premise of training yourself to be naturally thin seemed illogical not to mention impossible.

How can one change nature? The definition of nature is “makeup” or “disposition”….how can a feature that you are born with be changed?

I am a naturally thin girl but now that I am no longer in my 20s I need to work at maintaining the frame I was born with.

I do minimum of 30- 45 minutes of exercise a day and generally speaking opt to eat healthy foods.
When I over indulge (like every weekend!!) I feel it and have to push harder on Monday.

So when I read Bethennys book I literally laughed out loud.
One of the major points she stresses is to under eat. Her daily caloric intake on any given day didn’t exceed 800 calories. However, she boasts that she eats ice cream (a small cup because as she explains throughout the book you only need a taste to truly feel satisfied).

In my opinion, if you are reading her book it is most likely because you aren’t able to stop at just one potato chip or feel satisfied with just a taste. Come on, Who is??????

Any certified nutritionist will tell you not to go below 1200 calories in a day or your metabolism will slow and not work efficiently.

One excerpt from her book had her preaching that she skipped breakfast and ate 2 bites of a Charleston chew for lunch and she was full. Then she had a skinnygirl margarita (her trademark watered down drink of choice) and 2 bites of her friend’s steak for dinner. That was her entire caloric intake for the day.

While I agree that for weight loss purposes one should have a certain caloric deficit that can be established by a nutrition or fitness expert, I strongly believe that you need to fuel your body not just for energy but for efficiency. Your body is like a car and needs oil and gas to run effectively.

If you don’t eat enough your body-like a car- will shut down.

Moral of the story is: EAT!! But make smart choices. Stick to my super foods from previous posts and I will supply more nutrition secrets next time.

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