NO LOOKING BACK! – it has been deemed!

Ok, as you know I am a straight shooter. I say it like it is and i say it proudly.
My friends think I’m an enthusiastic, yet funny, nut job.
My husband thinks I’m just off my rocker. I really don’t care what anyone else thinks.
But I do admit that I feel a tad guilty writing about diet and fitness when i have fallen so far from grace. I often wonder how big stars like Brittany or Lindsey who were at such a high point in their young careers can fall not just down but plummet so far deeply into debased degenerates.
How does it happen that one day you’re rocking that youthful fast metabolism body in front of millions of devoted fans then the next day you are shaving your head and marrying a man who refers to himself as baby daddy K-Fed? Where is that initial disconnect??? How does that switch just go off?
But then I got a tiny glimpse of that deterioration myself first hand.
Here I stand on my soap box preaching advice that I did not heed.
You see, it all started very innocently last Friday. I must tell you that I looked absolutely fantastic! yup- i said it. I looked and felt amazing!  I had made it through the month with a few glitches here and there but for the most part, i stuck to 1800 healthful calories and squeezed in 40 minutes of exercise daily. There I stood in front of the mirror about to face bikini season  and I was ready to roar! I was uber proud of myself that I rocked it all month with a few really off cheat days to get me through it and was looking forward to a great memorial day weekend!
Friday was typical healthful day and even the onset of the Friday night BBQ was pretty clean. Then the sangria was served and the dips were laid in front of me and so it began……one pita chip led to another and before i knew it i was spending sunday at the beach eating ice cream and pizza which triggered a full 3 days of non stop all you can BINGE weekend of food alcohol and just old fashioned fun.
Tuesday morning i awoke wondering how i could have had such a great time eating and drinking and enjoying with friends and family and just like that !….
I wake up feeling like i just starred in the Hangover 2.
So i concluded that i was just a hypocrite writing about health and fitness and in 3 days i can blow an entire month. Hence my temporary absence.
But then something amazing happened later that day. I ran into someone who follows my blog regularly and she immediately jumped right in to describe her weekend of eating poorly and asked me for advice on how to get back on track. Before I even had a chance to compare our eating frenzies, another friend popped over to tell me about her bad eating weekend. Someone over heard us and joined in the conversation confessing to her own trials and tribulations about weekend temptations. Overall the theme became a confessional of falling off the wagon but yet supportive and encouraging and productive ways to get right back on the horse!
The take away was that this was a fresh week, a new month and no significant damage had been done. And overall we concurred that we all enjoyed and actually survived the food fest! That just shows you that this plan WORKS – you see, its a lifestyle. A few cheat days will not only not kill you but they will allow you to feel like you are not deprived of living. ENJOY!!!!!
This is your life you don’t get another one. There are no dress rehearsals.
So live it and be in it in the moment. Enjoy that sangria. Have the ice  cream and pizza. But overall make it a 2 or 3  days thing out of your month and keep the other 20+ or so days eating and living clean. Trust me, your body will adapt and even thank you for it! As for me, i most likely won’t be rocking it this weekend but I surely will be drinking!!!
June is here!!! Lots of luck in JUNE!!!! Let’s begin the month together with a fresh and productive outlook!
Today drink a lot of water and treat yourself to a few more minutes outdoors. Go for an after dinner walk or sit outside on your patio and drink a glass of wine while thinking about how you can improve your day tomorrow.

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