Not just for 007……

Working full time its difficult to squeeze in a good long workout so I try to do as much as possible in the limited time that I have. Usually that means 30 – 45 minutes during lunch when the market is slow. To get the biggest bang for my buck I tend to do a crossfit  ( session- which,  as I’ve written about in the past, is basically a sequence of several sets of full body moves such as squats, lunges, push ups, sit ups- –the old school kind of workout . I’ve told you before how I don’t believe in these frenetic type of group exercise classes where the teacher moves so fast or does such outrageous “new” moves that it leaves me feeling like I need MacGuyvor to get me out of some of the insane poses these instructors force upon us.
The crossfit workout is so beneficial in more ways than its simple to choreograph (lie on back and sit up…repeat 30 times), but also in the way that you can do it anywhere. (My employees all know when Im on the phone because I stand and do squats- yes in 6 inch heels).
Now you should know that I absolutely detest push ups and lunges. I used to think squats were intolerable and boring. Full body Sit ups were for James Bond. Then everything changed. I started to actually notice my limbs feeling slightly tighter and firmer. I felt a tiny lift in the tuchus . For the first time in years- I actually noticed my body changing. Not major changes (which I believe comes in time ) but slight real changes that actually make my jeans fit better. The scale hasn’t budged but my waistline has. Now I’m not suggesting that spinning or running or even those insane classes wont change your body- I think all the above works. I sometimes wish i had more time to enjoy all the gym has to offer, all I am saying is that when crunched for time (me everyday) a great option to get your heart rate up and some body building simultaneously – is to perform a crossfit routine.
Here’s a start:
30 static lunges, 30 squats, 30 sit ups, so push ups, 30 kettle ball raises.
Repeat 5 times for a full 30 minute workout sweat inducing routine.
Your tuchus will thank you.

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