Oh Jillian you have it right…..

Every now and then I get the urge to try a new workout DVD. I always endeavor to find new things and routines and DVD’s are a perfect way because of their effort to market the new and fresh.

So I’ll go online and peruse through different options

Pilates? Never been my thing as I prefer to sweat and I just seem to find it slow.

Yoga? I have tried the home video version but I’d rather go to a studio than try and juggle the distraction of kids and household fuss while attempting to balance a tree pose.

Kick boxing? Love it! But too intense for my bedroom floor.

Cardio? Not enough room to bounce around.

Weight training? I really only use 5 lbs at home so becomes tedious to do so many reps to make it worthwhile.

And just like that-(ala Carrie)- I go back to my Jillian Michaels “30 Day Shred”

She just has it right. A mix of cardio, strength and abs in a 20 minute video.

20 minutes of intense workout that’s totally doable at home and yet works up a sweat any gym class instructor will envy.

I have no time Sundays to get to the gym so I pop in JM and Im good to go.

Try it.

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