Old Habits Die Hard…..

Typically if the scale is up a few on a Sunday, by Tuesday I’m down even more as my weight doesn’t normally  fluctuate more than 2 or 3 lbs. depending on just how much I devoured on the weekend. That said, the scale hasn’t been good to me this month. I tried to figure out what I was eating differently than any other month that would lead to my dire straits.
At first I thought it might be the gazillion nuts I eat daily – perhaps I was eating a gazillion-and-one too many? No, that couldn’t possibly be the reason because my raw almonds, despite consuming a plethora of them,  tend to metabolize faster than I can eat them.
So what was the mystery culprit? I soon realized  I was spending a lot of time studying for an upcoming difficult financial services licensing exam and whilst doing so, chewing a colossal amount of gum. By colossal  I mean ginormous.
I decided to look up the calorie count of each piece of gum online. Hmmmm…..5 calories per pc. That’s nothing. I could take 3 deep breaths and burn that off.
Then I did the math. 5 pieces X 8 packs, 18 pieces per pack = 720 calories. Could that be true? Does gum have that many calories and more importantly would they actually stick???? (No pun intended, I swear).
Well, my normally slight belly that was beyond bloated was telling me that it must be the case.
So what to do?
I decided against taking up smoking as I was simply too frugal to spend $7 per pack. (Compared to $0.99 per pack of gum that seemed to be a big leap to switch addictions).
Well, I just chewed my last pack of gum that I keep stashed at my desk and I am determined to go cold turkey. (at least for the weekend when I can drink wine.)
So why not join me and kick an old habit that dies hard?

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