Persistence is Key…..

Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you try with diet and exercise, you still feel like you’re constantly struggling with your weight?
It doesn’t matter if you need to lose 5 lb. or 100 lb., the process can make you feel despondent. Its natural for a person to feel dejected when trying to accomplish something and yet hasn’t quite made it there yet.
Dieting can be an emotional roller-coaster when it comes to reaching that target number….mainly because the bar is set so high with all the glossy magazines promoting the Hollywood culture of bulimithinorexia. It seems irrelevant  that the stars maintain their frail figures due to intense personal training sessions, terrific plastic surgeons and personalized eating plans and chefs. After all, its their JOB to look that way no matter what the cost.
What always motivates me are the real people who overcame great hardships and emotional stress to attain their fitness goals. They lost their “Weight” in the very literal sense of the word. I refer to people who have achieved great weight loss as role models. Look at Richard Simmons. He was a heavy child and for 25 years still maintains a healthy lifestyle and motivates 1000’s of people daily to stay on track. Take Jillian Michaels, an ugly duckling as a teen with serious acne and weight issues, she is now the most sought after trainer on television.
But have you ever really studied the path that got them to that point?
There is often a long and painful road to that success story. This ardent path is applicable to all pursuits not just weight loss. Be it sports or music and arts- no matter if it’s an occupation or just a hobby, it all boils down to practice, rehearsing or perfecting the trade. The swimmer who spends 8 hours a day in the pool perfecting her stroke and endurance, the runner who logs 100 mile weeks even when injured, the dancer who’s toes bleed from hours on end of rehearsals, the billionaire who went bankrupt along the way.
I have never met a self made person who didn’t have invincible passion, intense focus and ambition and extraordinary motivation. The road to success is built not only with blood sweat and tears, but also with commitment, dedication and determination.
The lesson learned is to never give up. Persistence leads  to victory  and success.
Whether you are a lifetime dieter or just experiencing your freshmen fifteen, don’t let your gains destroy you and your losses control you. Keep your head up – you can learn and grow from those setbacks and come back even stronger to reach even  higher  levels of weight loss success.

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