Seasons change is approaching


Monday is never easy and certainly Monday the last week of summer before school starts when it’s raining doesn’t make it any easier. So this morning I couldn’t swim with the octogenarians in the outdoor pool as I have been all summer and I didn’t want to run in the rain (*refer back to prior postings of weather pending exercising) so I decided to go back to the gym to a spin class. I only had 35 minutes before work and thought that was the best way to fit in a quick workout.

I really couldn’t believe how much I missed my crossfit. I sat on the bike trying to mentally push myself to get up the simulated hill for the 5th time in 5 seconds and I just didn’t have the mental image to make it a worthwhile climb. I realized that this summer of cross training with crossfit ( where I change it up each session using all different muscle groups was just-well  — more fun! I cant believe I’m even writing the words fun in the same sentence as the words muscle groups but its true.
For years I thought that doing  a 50 minute spin class or running for an hour  was enough cardio. in actuality it was too much cardio and not enough weight training or anything else for that matter.
Now that I have been squeezing calisthenics and weight training and cardio in just 30 minutes I truly feel a change in my body and most surprising but not shocking-my mind.
I’ve written many postings about clearing the mind and the power of positive energy/positive thinking, but I cant quite describe the amount of power a strong body offers to the mind.
I am thinking more clearly, i have more energy at work and i certainly have more enthusiasm for the gym,
Now that fall is approaching, its time to think about the season ahead and our goals for the change of weather.
Tomorrows post: seasons change take 2: how to focus and plan for the coming months and set realistic and achievable goals for both mind and fitness.

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