Smokey the Bear says….

I’m going to give a shout out to that 70s icon “Smokey the Bear” that used to come to our schools and talk to kids about safety. Now that’s its summer time, a season that is very accident prone for reasons that kids are outdoors entertaining themselves in either unstructured or organized play , it is notoriously known to be a season that leads to accidents waiting to happen.

Here are a few friendly reminders of well documented advice that I too need to heed:

1. Sunburn! Something my natural olive skin never used to know from until I turned 35 and discovered my first wrinkle and now I lather on the 70 SPF and large old lady hat with sunglasses that not only shied my eyes but my cheeks and ears as well. Seems like each season sunglasses get larger and SPF gets higher. There is good reason for this. Lather yourself and your kids in it!

2. Texting while driving and NOW biking??: I couldn’t believe it either- the other day Isaw a cyclist – in full crotch highlighting gear and everything – texting while cycling! Two minutes later he barely spared himself a trip to the ER when he scathed past a low hanging branch. Oy

3. Walking with a stroller with your back against traffic: Now I have no problem with mothers chatting with a friend while walking with a kid in the stroller, HOWEVER, when you are doing so with your back to traffic and the oncoming traffic is beeping at you because you are clearly in their right of way, well, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist (when’s the last time you heard that internet phrase?) to know that you should cross the street ladies!!!!! My gosh- the last thing I need on a Saturday morning when my kids are out of the house and I have 40 minutes for a quick jog is to clean up that mess! I would be really pissed if you ruined my weekend by getting hit by a car on my time. Watch where you’re walking!

4. Fireworks at home? Admittedly I used to light these little danger hand grenades when I was a kid because my older brothers and cousins always seemed to have a source. My favorite was the snake that used to turn into a “Snake’ “of ash if it didn’t burn your finger off first. But come on- who still uses firecrackers these days??? Why do I have to hear them on a Saturday night at 11 o’clock? Have I become that old lady that has the urge to call the police when I hear these parties with loud house music blasting from blocks away? Just keep it in the clubs people.

Now for some light balsam fit diet updates:

I just made my kids the most delicious popsicle and they eat them for breakfast every morning!! They enjoy making it with me too so its kind of a fun project when they are bored.

Take popsicle containers (you can get them at any grocery store- I have the kind fr m bed bath and beyond but you can use even ice trays) and have the kids fill the popsicle container with cut up fruit (mine used tangerines, watermelon, strawberries and blueberries) and the pur a little orange jucie in (there wont be much from for liquid if you pack it with fruit)

Freeze and serve!! My kids think they are eating dessert for breakfast and best part is they are having fruit and OJ! So much better than the commercial kind and you just saved $6 on a box of ices that you can splurge on your skinny lattes!

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