Swim like you mean it


Its been a while since I felt inspired enough to write something motivational.
Even the best of us get worn down with work and don’t fit in enough time in the day to workout or do something special for ourselves.
Well I figured out something new about myself recently that I had to share.
I spent all winter on a spin bike because I just got frustrated with running in the cold and dark winter mornings. Part of my summer resolution was to resume my running again. That was the logic until summer actually started off at 100 degrees and hasn’t cooled down since.
So I followed the wise old ladies and decided to start swimming outdoors.
Early in the mornings it has been myself and the older broads who are so stereotypical right down to their flower bathing caps. Well let me tell you…these women can swim! And fast!
I found myself having to switch lanes as I was the slow poke!
After a couple of weeks I got the hang of it and also learned a little about some of these extremely fit women’s lives. (This can happen when they stand at the front of their lanes discussing fibrous breakfast options). For one, they have been swimming since before I was born.
It occurred to me that if you find a sport you enjoy- stick with it and you will be fit for life. It also occurred to me that I really enjoy swimming in the summer under the early morning sun. I absolutely detest indoor pools.
So I’ve come to the conclusion that sports are meant to be enjoyed and the only way a person can stay truly committed to fitness is to embrace it with joy. If you hate the treadmill like I do then run outdoors- but do so when the weather is on your side. I realized I DO love running outdoors – only- in the Fall when the leaves are changing colors and temp is 65 and perfect.
I DO love to indoor bike -only- when I have no choice but to retreat to a spin room to shelter me from the snow.
In conclusion, find a sport you enjoy (power walking?) and go at it with all your gusto. Keep at it for life and just change as each season changes so you don’t get bored.
I like to refer to my new fitness regimen as a triathalon that is simply divided up over the year. swim in the summer, run in the fall and bike in the winter. maybe for spring ill take up roller derby.

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