The Holiday is upon us


For those of us who observe Passover, tonight starts either an 8 day detox or a feast of gluttonous potato starch based (excuse for) food.
It’s your choice.
You are in control of how this week turns out.
Some of you are away on holiday at relatives or in hotels.
Temptations are everywhere.
You can choose to eat the matzo meal laden foods or you can use this week to jump start a healthy clean diet plan.
Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t diet. I think the word diet unfairly brings up negative connotations.
I prefer to eat clean and enjoy a healthy lifestyle plan. My “diet” is basically eating the same “super foods” in different variations.
(More on which foods later).
For today your focus is to jump start your week and even if you are not observing the holiday – take this opportunity to give yourself a spring cleaning – inside and out.
Starting with deleting all white and processed foods.
Eat whole grains (have you tried whole wheat matzo? Its amazing with lox and avocado! Yum, filling and heart healthy!!)
* More recipes to follow
Fill up on fruits and veges and make fish or chicken your sources of energy.
Just try it for this week.
Trust me. You will feel so good and energetic that you will want to observe Passover all year long!

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