the sinners have much more fun……


Obviously I have lost count weeks ago and just allowed myself to let summer sink in and enjoy, indulge, relax and focus on work and family.
Its been a silent month, I know. No worries though fellow shredders! I am still here and ready to motivate you, as well as myself, to stay focused on healthy clean living!
One of the reasons I’ve allowed myself to keep the radio silence for this long is that I have had a month of junk food festivities and allowed myself to eat the crap I typically stay away from. It started off innocently (Doesn’t it always??)…. A little taste of my girls ice cream here, finish the remainder of their pizza there, all led to allowing myself to eat the entire pizza or the entire tub of ice cream and miraculously not gain weight. I call this phase “ Arrogance”. But then after 6 weeks, I felt a little mushier. More junk in the trunk. My husband was sure to point out that I shouldn’t mistake this extra cushion as “more to love” and that if it bothered me, I should accept the fact that I am pushing 40 and eating a box of Oreos every night does have consequences.
I call this phase: “Acceptance”. It reminded me of a speech I once heard on the concept of “sin”. The speaker (a skinny rebbetzin no less) was preaching that if a person commits a sin without any negative repercussions, the person will feel a sense of relief and possibly commit another sin. Once the person commits the sin for the second time and still nothing terrible happens, no lightening bolt ejects from the sky, the person may think its acceptable to commit yet another sin. Soon the “sinner” become so comfortable with the idea of sinning with zero consequences, that it leads to a lifestyle of committing bad things.
At least thats what the preacher believed.
As for me, my month of “sinning” and eating junk food everyday and night (the worst part of it all is the nighttime bingeing….it seduces you into bed then lands on your tuchus the next day) …..has in fact led to negative consequences. Unlike the sinner that feels no shame and no punishment, eating poorly for a significant amount of time really does a number on your heart, your lungs, not to mention your figure. So for a few of those weeks I got away with the sins. My fast metabolism that G-d gave me only lasts so long. Arrogance set in initially as I discovered i could eat 3 slices of pizza and not gain an ounce. But miracles don’t always happen every day and after 6 weeks of playing with fire I am now ready to put the focus and energy back into the game of life and (get) and stay clean and focused!
Are you still with me loyal shredders? I hope you aren’t too mad at me that I’ve been so neglectful and absent all this time. I hope you can forgive me.
After all, “even the good die young” and wouldn’t you “rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints- The sinners are much more fun” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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