The situation is…oprah is gone!!!!!

Here I am struggling to figure out what I can do to expedite the six pack that underlies my midriff with only 3 days left to the summation of this 30 day process.
 I know, I know,  I am deranged to think I could possibly pop out a “Situation” in 3 days while eating sensibly without caloric restrictions but it seems to me that under duress our bodies do have an ability to change.
For example, the weekend before my wedding I was harboring so much stress from having to spend the entire week prior with my parents, AKA the “Costanza’s” (meant in a loving way of course) that I was holding onto at least 5 pounds of bloat.
The next morning (wedding day) I woke up and had literally lost 8 pounds! INCREDULOUS right?!
How does that happen?
 I compare the stress induced weight loss concept with the adrenaline that mothers get when charged with an emergency and need to save their child. Something supernatural just kicks in and the switch is turned on, provoking a bionic type mechanism that is out of our control and just takes over.
Now, if we can only bottle that mechanism and use it for weight loss – life would be sublime.
But alas, even stress induced weight loss does not persist long and ultimately, the real answer to permanent weight loss and health is to take it slowly and do it right.
Another thing; In this week of Season Finale’s – there’s just too much closure to accept that I just think what we all need is something NOT to end! Hence, I am officially launching another 30 days!!!!!!!!!!!
Now that Oprah is over, I just think it’s the right thing to do.
So keep the comments coming and helpful tips- and of course remain positive ! The Launch of BBQ season commences with Memorial day and that just leads to more smiles and outdoor activities.
We endured a rough winter (and even if you live in a warm climate and read this blog, there’s still something very special about summer that brings out good moods!!) So enjoy the Season! SMILE!!
Today’s workout:
Sets of 10 Repetitions of each exercise:
  1. 10 burpees
  2. 10 kettle ball swings
  3. 10 jump ups on the pull up bar (demonstrated below)
  4. 10 knee -ups (Ab – exercises) Use a step for support. Hey, it’s only 10!
Repeat 10 times. Trust me- 10 seems like its easy but after 10 times you will feel like you got your money’s worth!!!

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