There are No Dress Rehearsals……..

wagon (there are reasons for everything we do or we wouldn’t do them would we?) i am here once again – to REPENT (for losing my drive and focus) and PRAY (for my six pack  to return) and make each day a RIGHTEOUS (workout routine). Ok, kidding on the last part but seriously I do want to make each day righteous in its own way. Each and every day should have meaning and purpose.
So here I begin the 30 day voyage with you fellow shredders. I intend to focus my next month on getting myself and YOU to that next fitness level, be it shredded or just healthy. For 30 days I will chronicle my day and set rules for myself and those of you who care to join.
But this time it will be different.
So here’s the twist:
Rather than making it a 30 day quest to attain a goal- which i did last May and reached my goal – I was in the best shape of my life – although I may not have had a six pack i was definitely packing a foursome of heat  – but then i realized that after i attained that goal and sustained it for a while -the climax was reached and then what?
I maintained it for a while and then had nothing else to look forward to.
I liken it to the mother of the bride who spends  months planning for her daughters big day and then once the band plays the final set and the day is over – then what? Kids go off on a honeymoon and mother is left with the bill and an empty nest. Empty being the key word.
We must plan goals every day.
We need daily ambitions to achieve so that we have something to look forward to attaining EACH and EVERY day so that this second half of our life has purpose . Not just for 30 days but for the 30 days after and the 30 days after that (she repeated infinitely).
Remember my favorite line:
“ You get ONE life. There are no dress rehearsals!” 
Whenever i have a chance to run with my beautiful marathon runner friend (Adina yes you) she tells me that I start off on fire and I am so fast out the gate….the reason I never win the race.
I suppose mentally I am so excited to begin and my adrenaline takes over then midway I poop out. i just don’t stick to it.
Again, it’s my newly discovered condition  Sticktoitism”….of which I am definitely deficient.
I start off my 30 days with such energy and drive and after reaching my goal I self sabotage… this case I break my rules.
So here I am once again (as Kelly Clarkson would say) beginning a new expedition with you. Only this time its for THE next 30 days. We will begin another 30 day journey next month and continue on our never ending expedition for health and fitness, as in fit body and fit soul.
Still with me??
Here are the rules.
I do offer a slightly different diet version this time. I allow wine every night after or with dinner. In my opinion it relaxes me and allows me to calm down – a defense against binge eating which i find I only do when I am anxious.
Another new twist to the diet is that if you are presented with a cookie or a piece of cake or (fill in the blank what your personal indulgence might be) – allow yourself to eat it. But only one piece not the entire thing- and enjoy it. taste it. do not inhale it and then feel guilty that you ate it so that you tell me about it for the remainder of the week. I don’t want to hear it and either does your personal journey benefit from negative thinking.
Enjoy the cake. live a little and shut up about it.
The following 30 day GOAL:  Get healthy. Detox and clean out our systems both physically and mentality.
METHOD: Stick to the BASIC yet strictly important rules, allow yourself to EAT, and be nice to yourself and to others ……watch the results!
Rule #1: NO negative talk, NO negative Thinking. No “NO!”’s only “Yes!!!!”
Rule #2: POSITIVE Energy is your energy force. You MUST say something encouraging and positive about yourself and your body every single day. Examples:
 “I am strong” “I am powerful” “ I am loved”
“I am healthy” “I have control of my life”
Try to increase the positive talk to as many times a day as needed to really believe what you are saying. Force yourself to smile while speaking to others until smiling comes naturally.
Rule #3: NO WHITES * ** NO SUGARS and NO SODA most importantly: NO Eating after 8:30 PM (Except Fruit).
Ok here is where I bend the rules slightly.
Too many of you complained that when i ordered the kitchen closed by 6:30pm that you weren’t even home by then so in this case just listen to your body and eat when it tells you that you’re hungry. Then shut your mouth when you are finished. Regarding whites only- try to stay with complex carbohydrates and stay away fro refined sugars. Select lean protein sources. Choose heart healthy omega 3 fats. (samples to follow tomorrow)
Rule #4: Exercise < 30 minutes straight a day and must include Weight training minimum of 2 times per week. Let’s face it, we can all spend an hour on the treadmill talking and walking and catching up on our shows but are we really getting our heart rates up to the anaerobic threshold that really burns fat?
In other words- challenge yourself- take your workouts up a  notch until you feel your heart leap out of your chest and hit the person in front of you. The best part about this type of work out reffered to as HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training (*** more on this tomorrow)  is that you only need to spend 20 minutes or so doing it.
We are going to work on getting you off that treadmill for good…)
Rule #5: NO skipping meals or counting calories. Eat until you are full. Do not under eat or your body will not metabolize energy sources properly and you will end up slowing down your metabolism rather than speeding it up which is the goal! You Must eat a combination of the following:
Every meal consists of:
Complex carbohydrate + Protein source + healthy fat
2 or 3 Light snacks in between
Sample diet plan tomorrow.
Now say something great about yourself- out loud !!!!!

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