To everytime there is a season or something like that…….

O every time there is a season ….or something like that

I had the luxury of being able to run outdoors today. This opportunity does not typically occur during the work week so when I saw I had the window I seized it!
During my 35 minute run before I had to go back to work I contemplated the many benefits of performing any exercise routine outdoors. I have witnessed many early morning boot camps in the field nearby my office while I was on the way to work.
As grueling as those workouts seem, there is something just so special and motivating when surrounded by nature and good weather. I see it in the faces of others as I pass them as well, the natural elation or “high” that one gets when enjoying a sunny day.
Now this is not to say that there are days when its so dismal and grey outside that a dark spin room seems very appealing, but on glorious sunny days its almost impossible not to enjoy the outdoors.
Which leads me to my periodical blog about the benefits of seasonal exercise. I typically stick to appropriate seasonal workouts such as running in the Fall / Spring and swimming in the Summer and indoor cycling in the Winter.  But all year round I do adhere to my crossfit body weight targeted exercises of lungeing, squatting and sit ups. The basics will always be part of my regimen. Any extra cardio is a bonus and much appreciated.
So get out there and do whatever is YOUR fancy this summer! Be it walking, biking, running or just sun bathing ( a personal favorite of mine- I swear it burns calories!) Get some fresh air and enjoy the weather while it lasts because before you know it, at least here in the East Coast, it will be 40 degrees below and you won’t see me in that dark spin room.

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