Vacation Time!…….

It’s Holiday time and many of you are planning on going or are already on vacation.
The biggest challenge people face when stepping out of their routine is how to stay fit and avoid putting on vacation weight. I can’t tell you how many times I hear from friends that they “ate sooooo much” or “did not stop drinking” while sitting poolside. But then I ask them how much weight they actually gained and the answer is typically none.
How does this happen? Usually when you overindulge you gain?
I used to travel very often for work so I am used to dingy hotel gyms straight out of the Shining and the limited resources a towel laid out on the floor for sit ups can offer.
That being said, I tend to eat less and drink more while traveling.
I would load up on a big breakfast from the hotel buffet and I wouldn’t eat lunch until late afternoon and save my appetite for dinner when I didn’t have to worry about sucking in my gut.
I treat my vacation trips the same way as my business trips with the exception of adding several more alcoholic drinks throughout the day. The key to refraining from vacation weight gain is to let yourself go.
Sounds counter intuitive and downright insane right? But trust me it works. If you don’t think about food and you just let your body relax and enjoy the rest it  probably really needs you most likely wont gain any significant weight if any at all.
I find the challenge to be the stay-cations where my refrigerator and pantry is accessible 24 hours a day.
In a hotel you have limited access to meal time (unless you’re on a cruise where all bets are off).
So take from this the following:
  1. Eat three meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner .  Really eat them and enjoy every bite. This is your vacation you deserve it. Allow yourself to eat what you want on your plate and let that meal fill you enough to last for hours afterwards. Try not to bring snacks up to your room from the buffet – those will kill your diet altogether.  BUT bring lots of water to the room- hydrate hydrate hydrate!!!!!
  2. Go for a morning walk on the beach and give your mind a chance to relax while you contemplate the bigger world out there. If you’re headed for the slopes than I don’t have to tell you this – get on them!!  Skiing burns an insane amount of calories. This post is primarily for those lazier types like myself who like to chill poolside instead of layering up in 30 degrees.
  3. After dinner you are done. No snacking no hotel room mini bar. Sure, go down to the hotel bar that wont kill you.
  4. REST your body.
Have a great holiday season and don’t fret if none of the above applies to you. I personally like to stay home around this time and the gyms are usually empty. Never have to fight for a machine.

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