Want To Lose Weight In Your Sleep?

Yesterday we lost power early in the morning and in the interest of keeping the refrigerator and freezer sealed to keep in as much of the cold air as possible, we decided to eat pita chips, cereal, cookies, canned vegetables and bananas for dinner. (Not all together that would be gross but definitely something I would do).

While we did consider going out for dinner, the roads had fallen trees blocking off our block and since there weren’t any street lights we opted to stay inside where we figured our chances of hitting a deer were slim.

At first lighting the candles was loads of fun. The kids played nicely and things seemed cozy. That got old fast when it got very dark very quickly. Then the alarm battery died.

So we all moseyed upstairs and huddled together behind the door with the new dead bolt.

It was all of 6:30 P.M.

Given that I wasn’t about to risk going downstairs in the dark without my golf club I decided to stay put all night and eventually power was restored and I fell asleep.

This A.M. a Chanukah miracle occurred.

My stomach felt slim. My pants felt loose. My scale was nice to me. ( Like Yom Kippur nice)!

How could that be? I pondered this for some time and calculated that in spite of the fact that I had my share of pita chips too many we also stopped eating at 6 P.M. for the night. Not a bite, not even a grape.

Now I know the diet rule of closing the kitchen early, however; work, after school activities and life just gets in the way. But every now and then when circumstances permit, closing the kitchen on the early side has its benefits.

Bottom line: I just ordered several lanterns and plan to purchase a generator and of course a rifle, but before I get my attack dog maybe I’ll reflect on the positive sides to a blackout.

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