Warning: Sounds Gross…… (But then again, all my recipes do)


Sometimes I like to share some of my favorite concoctions (i.e.: food combinations that most normal people deem GROSS).

I have a simple NEW obsession that came about totally accidently which is often the case with great scientists.

I almost never cook. My friends near and dear know my secret of buying frozen prepared cookie dough, making “homemade” cookies and showing off at work that I am an all powerful business woman, supermom and Martha Stewart. Well, that secret has been let out but what you also may have guessed is that I am always rushing. Especially in the kitchen. I am just not that person who enjoys swapping recipes or trying new spices. I will never go to the farmers market to pick up fresh thyme.

But once in a while I make my own dinner (admittedly I have help to prepare meals).

So the other day I was preparing my fish (flounder) and in the interest of time I put the oven on BROIL.

I then went up to my home office and forgot about the fish. I returned seconds before the smoke detector went off to discover that the fish was not only burned but flattened to a crispy dry texture. I let it cool because I didn’t want to burn a hole through the trash bag. My daughter came into the kitchen ad asked if she could have a potato chip. I had no idea she was referring to the fish.

It was at that moment it occurred to me that I had just discovered the very literal FISH-N-Chips recipe.

TRY it – I promise you won’t even smell the fishiness and the crunch and salty taste satisfies your potato chip desires.

Bonus: you will get the benefits of healthy, low fat protein !!!

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