Weekend Warriors


The weekend is finally here. Seems like this week dragged on forever.

Now that it’s nice weather why not take it outdoors? A good walk or run will do ya good.

I guarantee that if you have spent the winter in a spin class (or doing nothing at all) that taking it outdoors even at a slower pace will make a big difference.

This brings me to my motivational speech of the day:

I spent the entire winter riding indoors. Last week, the first sunny day above 40 degrees I finally went out for an outdoor run. 30 minutes. Felt like a stallion let loose. The next day my shins were killing me.

I waited a few more days then ran again. 45 minutes.

Just once more and already my legs feel more toned. I spent 4 months taking a spin class a day and did not feel the slightest difference in muscle tone.

Has that ever happened to you where you feel like you workout hard but haven’t changed your body?

Well you can change.

Just 3 times outdoors and I notice a change. This confirms my longtime theory that it’s essential to change it up. This includes diet. (I will get to that next post)

I f you are stuck in a rut or simply take the same classes at the gym or do the same treadmill workout then now is the perfect time to take the opportunity to shake it up.

Use different muscle groups. I promise it works.

I am a big believer in interval training. I used to think running 6 miles @ the same pace within a certain time frame was the way to go. Now I do half the time and charge up hills and walk for a minute in between then do sprints etc.

Change it up! Shake up your body and muscle memory!

Let me know in a few weeks how you feel.

Balsam Move of the day: plank walk up to push up.

Start in a modified plank resting on forearms. Keep your entire body aligned and straight. Keep in mind that your butt stays DOWN.

Slowly place the right hand on the mat then the left and lift your body into a full plank. Then lower onto right forearm then left back into modified plank (starting position). Repeat other side.

Do this 5 times each side and rest with a set of Supermans* (more on that move later) in between.

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