Write it down….

So its that time of year again…..Seasons about to change. I hate this time of year when leaves start to fall and the sun is no longer scorching. I always gage my mood of the day based on the number SPF i have to use.

In the winter Im a 15 and its sucks. In the summer Im a 70 -100 and i feel rejuvenated!
But alas, it’s time to think about the goals to set for the Fall. I always approach a new season as the time to take inventory of my self and what I have accomplished in the current season and how I want to enhance that accomplishment for season to come.

Yesterday I turned 39: there i said it. In writing. No going back.
For years I lied about my age until i discovered my first wrinkle and decided its either a lifetime of Botox or time to start fessing up. I am actually considering telling everyone Im 49 so that I can at least get the response that i look fantastic for my age. But Im not that desperate for praise (YET).
 It was a monumental birthday for me because I woke up excited to begin the 39th year of my life to set out for the goal that i intend to accomplish by my 40th birthday.
I decided that this is going to be my year for REAL changes. My year to excel even more so above and beyond at work and at home. I already feel a difference in a day. I have more energy and more ambition than ever before (psychosomatic because i didn’t get much sleep and I barely had 30 minutes at the gym this morning. Ah- the power of the mind.)
Take this opportunity with the foul weather to sit indoors and contemplate where you want to go, who you want to be and how you’re going to get there. Make yourself a cup of coffee and write down on paper goals that may seem unrealistic but can be achieved with progression.
Then read it again in September and review your progress.
Balsam move of the day:
Put down a mat and lunge over it changing legs each time but ensuring that you are dropping the knee down all the way to touch the mat. Do 40 reps. Then do 40 straight up sit ups without help and do the lunges over agin for another set of 40

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