You are what you eat……

So here’s your first assignment of the day as soon as you wake up: WEIGH IN!!!!
Be accountable. It is so important to know your starting point.
When you aren’t in touch with your actual weight and you just guesstimate you don’t have control of the reality of the situation. I for one thought I was only a few pounds heavier. Little did I know until this morning that few was times two.
I know a guy who tried to quit smoking. “Tried” being the key word.
He would come into work each day and sound off like the Count on Sesame Street: “ Four!!!!!” as in Day 4 of no cigarettes. 11 years later he’s still smoking and still counting.
If you’re still counting days of how long its been since you’ve had one then you haven’t really quit.
No more counting !! This rule applies to everything. No counting calories or sets of repetitions at the gym. Eat until satiated. Lift until fatigue.
I will no longer say to myself: “Day 4 of not eating cookies”!
It just doesn’t work. Eat the damn cookie and move on!
If you’re counting then you haven’t really committed to change.If you truly believe you can change old habits for good then there is no need to count.  It is a lifestyle and every day leads to improvement.
Ask yourself what can I do to make this day special? What am  I going to do today to stick to this decision to change and enhance my life?
No counting calories. No counting days on this “diet”….Again this is the rememdy to the  “sticktoitism” condition.
You decide. Afterall it’s your life and no one else can make the decision on how you are going to to live it but you. However, we are on this journey for fitness together so you do have support.
So here are the basics once again…..
Remember the rules….each meal should be a combination of a Complex carbohydrate + Protein source + healthy fat and allow yourself a Light snack in between so that you never go more than  3 hours without eating.
I once worked with a woman who would stop in the middle of important business meetings with VIP clients and whip out a bag of almonds from her purse and begin munching in mid sentence. She would declare that she NEEDED to eat every 3 hours and no one even blinked. (Everyone just assumed it was because she was diabetic but I knew she was on a diet plan) Back then I rolled my eyes at her audacity but now I realize I hadn’t given her the credit she deserved . She knew how to fuel her body and I bet her productivity level was efficient because she had the cahoonahs to whip out a bag of nuts in the middle of a meeting.
Come on guys, its not like I’m asking you to open a candy wrapper in the midst of a Broadway show- where you will surely be stoned by the usher…..just take the time to fuel your body!
How many of you go to the gym early without eating breakfast?
 I bet if you took the time to eat you’d have a more powerful workout.
back to the basics…..
Breakfast, Lunch are the same combination of food groups;
Healthy fat + complex carbohydrates+ protein + vegetables unlimited.
Dinner is the same only limit the carbohydrates.
Snacks (2-3 a day spaced out between meals):
Dried Fruit, raw nuts (my favorite),Greek yogurt, skim cheese, Any vegetable with hummus or guacamole and salsa (healthy fats are good!!), graham crackers, hard boiled eggs…. you get the drift.
Shopping List:
Tomato sauce (no sugar added)
Balsamic vinegar
Extra virgin olive oil
Stevia / cinnamon
Seltzers (I indulge myself with Clear delight at night but only after I have consumed 100 oz water during the day). I actually combine the clear delight with my wine and make a delicious spritzer.
Fish / Turkey /chicken/ Eggs
Salad mixings (Tomatoes, cucumbers, baby carrots, jicama, sprouts etc)
Hearts of palm/ chickpeas / green beans / corn
Spaghetti squash
Frozen vegetables
Greek yogurt 0% plain
Raw unsalted almonds or any raw nuts and seeds
Natural peanut butter or almond butter (NOT Skippy –only natural kind)
Fruit of choice (mix it up and have plenty around!)
Sweet potatoes
Brown rice
Whole wheat matzoh ( I use matzoh with  lox and avocado and butter lettuce for lunch- its truly divine)
Meal Plan:
Breakfast: Fruit bowl (I prefer mixed berries such as blueberries, strawberries and blackberries) mixed with Greek yogurt (0% plain with added stevia and cinnamon) + 8 – 10 raw almonds
I follow up with a second breakfast an hour later of oatmeal (plain rolled oats no sugar added or flavors) + a handful of raw almonds.
Other options:
Fiber cereal  that is Non GMO+ skim milk + 10 unsalted cashews
Egg white omelet with whole wheat pita and tomato.
Blend peanut butter in your milk with ice and greek yogurt to make a smoothie
Be creative! Be sure to mix protein, healthy fat if possible (I use nuts) and complex carb
Lunch: Huge Salad (all the fixings such as hearts of palm, tomatoes, broccoli slaw etc) + 3 oz. salmon , 2 or 3 egg whites, 10 raw almonds . I use mushed up avocado for dressing but feel free to add no sugar added salsa.  ( If you prefer olive oil and vinegar that’s a great option.)
Mix up the protein source daily, one day use turkey or chicken etc. I prefer to eat fish so I mix it up with tuna fish, yellow tail, salmon croquets, egg whites or salmon. I always add approximately 10-15 almonds
Add a complex carbohydrate to your lunch such as sweet potato  or 1 cup brown rice or cup of chickpeas mixed into salad.
Snack options:
carrots and hummus
celery and natural peanut butter or almond butter
Dinner: I always eat Salmon its just my thing but feel free to mix it up with any lean protein source such as chicken, turkey or flounder. Make sure to eat A lot of vegetables (my favorites are spaghetti squash and cauliflower) I add “I can’t believe its not butter” and blend to make it like fake mashed potatoes
or I make a stew of mixed broccoli, cauliflower and big carrots in a crock pot the night before. Do not eat carbohydrates at dinner time.
Kitchen closes at 8:30pm (except wine and fruit)
Dessert :
Fruit or yogurt . I usually take a fruit to bed @ 9pm (Ok, ya got me- fruit being “Wine” but one glass (ok, 2) to watch my shows) sugar busters will attack this saying its too much sugar at night but it curbs my sweet tooth and it sure beats the feeling in the morning when you used to go to bed with a bowl of ice cream!
Take this list with you to the grocery store.
Get ready for a heart pumping 30 minute Workout plan tomorrow’s post!

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