You say you want a Revolution…….

You say you want a revolution…..

Game Console

When I returned home to an empty house this morning I heard voices. Whispers. At first I thought I had left  the TV on in the bedroom but when I realized I hadn’t and determined that the voices were not the usual ones in my head, I decided that i am for sure clairvoyant. What were the voices trying to tell me? Did someone need crossing over? Like Lassie frantically rushing to seek help, I rushed to the job of assisting in the passage when it occurred to me that my husband – who doesn’t know how to use my ipod – had simply left it on after he listened to the lecture I had downloaded for him while he used the elliptical at 5AM this morning.  The situation overall made me think about Steve Jobs – not only the idea that a someone who just died may have been present and called on me of all people to seek help in getting to the afterworld – but the amazing innovator he was to have created the ipod- a gadget so easy that at the age of 5 my kids taught themselves to download videos on it, and yet so complex that my husband, a very bright man, couldn’t turn it off.
Apple came out with a statement last night immediately after the news of Steve’s passing that summed up the loss the world is experiencing today:
“Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.” …..
Even though I enjoyed feeling like I’m a superhero with my short lived ability to speak to the dead, I feel even more powerful that I have become more compassionate towards the loved ones who are left here mourning them.
But the ultimate sadness of Steve Jobs dying is not only how he suffered painfully from pancreatic cancer or that he died at such a young age, but the world lost one of the biggest technology pioneers of our century.
I certainly don’t need to list the products we use on a daily basis – you are most likely reading this post on one of them. I most certainly don’t need to point out that he was an iconic revolutionary who’s creative measures transformed the WORLD, not just America but his technology that is used worldwide. We can’t even get Arabs and Israelis to agree on the pronunciation of “Hummus”, but Steve Jobs got them to use ipods.
When I was kid my father would always bring home the latest technology gadget first- we were the first kids on the block to have a VCR…. the pop up kind. The problem was, we never upgraded to to the version 2.0 level. We still used the pop up VCR until it finally broke 20 years later. To this day I use a tripod when videotaping birthday parties.  I’ll never forget the day we got the Atari. None of my friends had heard of it before – there weren’t even commercials out yet- and yet my brothers and I would fight over who got to play “Pong” first. All it did was move up and down hitting a small rectangle back and forth like table tennis. In 1977 that was just fascinating.
I suppose the most astounding part about the business that Steve Jobs built from his parents garage back in 1980 is that it is worth something like $392 Billion….thats more that the cash reserves in the U.S. treasury. Pretty humbling considering my garage is filled with canned goods from Costco.
I bet if Jay Leno took a poll on the street or as he refers to as “Jay Walking” and asked who was the first man on the moon- most people wouldn’t know,  but if he asked who invented the ipod Id say they probably would have a good guess.
Steve Jobs. We will remember you for your iconic ability to see and invent the future. You not only grasped a concept but you turned it into a revolution. Now for full effect click here:

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