Day 4 fellow Shredders…….HUMP day


Good morning Shredders!!!
How do you feel on day 4? I already feel less toxic and excited to start my day!
Are you drinking your water?????
Todays’ exercise plan- for ALL levels:
30 minutes straight ….NO BREAKS- OR INTERRUPTIONS! Turn your cell phones off for half an hour
( hey, you want to be able to work out for only 30 minutes a day and still see results? then NO BREAKS!)
  1. Lunge in place 20 times (10 each leg)
  2. Immediately take a kettle ball (depends on your fitness level but I use 30 Lbs., some prefer lighter to swing faster) and make sure to bend your knees and keep your back straight and upright as you swing 30 times
  3. Jump to floor and do 15 burpees
  4. Side plank (be sure to raise your entire body off the mat each time and then lower to touch mat) 15 each side then middle plank for hold 45 seconds(work up to 60 seconds)
  5. 25 squats
Repeat sequence 5 times
Today’s Positive Mantra: “I may not have a lot of time in my busy day but I owe it to myself to take just 30 minutes to acquire strength and power !!”
Enjoy the day and keep checking in! I love the feedback and great snack suggestions!!!

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