Kitchen closes soon but the Lounge is open!!!

Coming off  of a long holiday week seems like I am coming off of a long cruise on the LOVE BOAT where all I did was drink sweet savory cocktails with Isaac and plan elaborate dinners at the captains table with Julie. I don’t know about you but I’m looking for Doc just about now to help with the gastric pains from overeating Holiday food.

Regardless of how enjoyable it is to spend quality time with the family and friends, I just can NOT even  consider another meal let alone another week of celebrating, but alas we have yet one more week of 2 and a half school days to interrupt our normal routines. So for those of us who have been enjoying the mini vacays but are also in dire need of a FULL week to jump start our motivation I am happy to announce that I am commencing yet another mini blog post at the end of each day – sort of a check in to tuck you in !

I can certainly benefit from a reminder that kitchen is closed and I am also certain you  can too (based on your many comments and feedback – keep ‘em coming please!)

So without further ado here is my nighttime post to say sweet dreams and remind you KITCHEN closes in less than 2 hours so eat up a healthy veggie and protein packed dinner. Pour yourself a glass or 2 of wine and enjoy the sunday night blues. Another manic Monday is upon is!!!

FYI I am transitioning my blog from Blogger to Word press and in the changeover the prior archives landed out of order. Please refer to for prior entries in order if you cant parse through them here.

On a separate note, tomorrow we begin week 2 of this 30 days of detox and change with diferent goals to attain. So rest up for tomorrow we havea lot of work to do!

PS- please subscribe to this blog on the right side via email – it will email you new entries and make life oh so much simpler!! (can’t we all use a break?)

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