Break the rules in style….

An avid runner friend of mine told me she’s concerned that if she stops running even for a day she will gain weight. She refuses to try spinning or swimming or any other form of exercise because running was her guarantee that the weight stays off.

Hmmmmm. I thought about that for about half a minute before answering that YES it’s true running will keep the weight off when done consistently – but then again- so will ANY form of exercise if done continuously.

When your body is used to moving a certain way and your body doesn’t get that movement  for a few days – it will respond accordingly (however, not necessarily related to the scale). But this is so with ANY form of activity. Choose your weapon so to speak….if cycling is your thing than keep pedaling! If tennis is your preference than keep volleying that ball! If swimming is your predilection than by all means sister keep up the strokes!

But if any of you are asking why your body doesn’t seem to change and why your triceps still dangle like mini pocketbooks, then ask yourself the following:

“WHY am I reluctant to change?”

I know what you’re thinking- that of course you WANT to change and there is no reluctance in your DESIRE to make the move to improve …but like most of us- we are comfortable in what we know.

People don’t change. We are content with complacency. 

We run , or we swim, or we bike and our body is strong in that singular capacity. We are reluctant to substitute something that works and makes us feel good.

Hey- the old adage is true- don’t fix it if it aint broke -right? ………..WRONG!!!!!!!!!!

Change it up!! Shake up the NORM!!!…….

Thats the advice most experts will provide when asked how to make the most of exercise effectiveness on your body.

But what exactly do they mean?

This week of mini vacay (i.e.: holiday) I didn’t have the opportunity to go to the gym. Just like a Hollywood starlet’s prerogative to her first nose job, it seems to be a right of passage to join a tennis team when your home state is Florida, SO instead, my family played tennis. Understand that I don’t DO lateral. I just can’t comprehend a sport where you need to move side to side when legs are designed to move forward??? Being a native Chicago girl where shovels are the preferred hand levers, I had NEVER picked up a racket in my life I was a bit hesitant to show my inability to perform. I was also pretty certain I would trip on my own feet and break my ankle as i am a known klutz. But after getting the hang of the swing and the correct stance i became adrenalized with the motion of hitting the ball over the fence.

You heard me. NOT over the NET but over the FENCE.

I felt so powerful smacking the balls like Fletch high in the air and OVER the fence that I worked up quite a sweat. Mind you my husband will never play with me again but my kids thought I was the most talented tennis player in the world to hit the ball that hard and high ! But even though I knew that’s not the precise way to play the game – it was certainly a great workout and a change from the norm! Besides, I just loved the excuse to grunt and groan  – I felt like I became BFF’s with Serena. The grunting is such a stress reliever- i suppose it’s likened to power breathing in yoga – when else can you moan and groan in public like you would in the bedroom?  Let it out!

Change it up!!!! Break the rules! Even if it means no one will ever play with you again……your triceps may just transform from handbags to mini wallets all while you’re having fun!

2 thoughts on “Break the rules in style….

  1. I agree 100%. Now that I have moved to Florida and living in an amazing country club, I have taken up tennis again! It always amazes me that an hour and half of playing makes me sweat like a “pig”. What an amazing feeling! I always believe you must exercise, but at least choose something that puts a big smile on your face afterwards!

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