Maybe he’s born with it…….

Sunday morning I went out for a run. I made it 3.5 miles before my knee started to creek. Having had a prior injury I didn’t want to risk getting hurt again so I slowed down and walked back home. I justified to myself that now that I’m 40 I need to take it easy on my body. I managed to  convince myself that I maybe I shouldnt push hard now that I’m middle age!!!!

Then I heard that the very same day Fauja Singh, age 100,  finished the Toronto Waterfront Marathon.   Although it took him eight hours, he completed the 26.2 mile course.

What’s just as astonishing is the fact that he didn’t run his first marathon until he was 89!!!

When asked his secret, he said he NEVER drinks ALCOHOL!!!!!!!!

My first thought was It’s bad enough that now I can NEVER complain about age and creeks again but the fact that he accredits his secret to a life without alcohol totally blew my shot at becoming a marathoner when Im old. There are some things humans are not meant to give up.

But this story made me think about how we hold ourselves back with our mentality on age.

Age has always been an obsession in America but now that i moved to Florida Ive noticed every advertisement on TV , Radio- even the Jewish newspapers -all market Botox, face lifts and breast augmentation right next to the .99/ LB. on peaches at Winn Dixie. Anti age is everywhere!!

But maybe there’s something to this theory……

We are born with positive energy. Think about it… are natural enthusiasts! Kids skip around the house singing for no reason and take every opportunity to jump INTO the puddle!

Children at play is the most   organic and uninhibited positive energy force. We are not born with negative thoughts….if anything we are so innocent when we are young we believe we can do anything and everything!

Only as we age…. occurrence, circumstance, experience and practical knowledge teaches us there is a negative component to life.

But this worldliness doesn’t mean we need to shift the way we direct our energy source from positive to negative!!!!

Take the POSITIVE power you ALREADY have within you NATURALLY and leverage it to direct your day!!!!

Remember the Maybelline commercial in the 80’s “Maybe she’s born with it!” —-take that mantra and repeat it in your head when starting your exercise routine. YOU ARE BORN WITH IT!!!!! Now use it and tuck away the pessimistic thoughts that tell you you CAN’T do it. Let go of the defeatism and think of this 100 year old world record breaker who would not give up or listen to YOUNGER people who told him he couldn’t!!!

It’s all in your mind.

This simple small change in your thinking will make ALL the difference.

Have a great day!!!!

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