Seriously? ANOTHER Holiday??????






Here we are once again….yet another Holiday commencing and I’m asking myself how the hell am I once again surrounded by so much food when I don’t even cook? I have to say that i am slightly pretending to be annoyed by the short work weeks and half school days but secretly I’m overjoyed at the excuse to sleep in and skip the gym

That being said, here are a few simple rules to get us through the remainder of the excessive holiday season:

Rule #1 : Eat until you are really stuffed and then eat a little more so that you have a physical constant reminder from your swollen belly that is screaming profanities at you to just leave it alone already  so just maybe by your next meal you will curtail your appetite slightly and taper off by the weekend

Rule #2 : MOVE!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care how rainy or cold it is outside- (Hopefully it will clear up in FL so i can hit the tennis balls over the fence and annoy the hell out of husband #1) ….Either way – Go out for a pre meal walk!!!

Run , Hop, Skip, Jump, Have sex! whatever! just MOVE!! don’t just sit on your ass at a table with friends with 8 different courses that you know you will complain about the entire week ahead ……get your juices flowing! Just MOOOOOVE


Rule #3: Close the kitchen at 8:00 PM with a light cocktail (I prefer wine but if you’re into mixed drinks go ahead and add that skinny girl margarita mix … will help you pass out by 10:00pm and we all know that beauty sleep is our best friend these days) and Bethtenny swears its non caloric

ok, so take these golden rule and run with them for the week! see you sunday for our work out of the week and new 30 day plan!!!!!!!!

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