I’m SO Over It…..

“GET OVER IT ALREADY!!” So declared my 6 year old to me after I repeated for the 4th time why I was so angry that she had done something wrong as clearly I thought that saying it once wasn’t sufficient.

Now I know that every mother believes their kid is a genius but yours truly is now thoroughly convinced that I have a child prodigy as that statement was sheer brilliance.

How scholarly of her to denote my mistake of recurrently dwelling on the past.

She was totally correct. I had made it understandable the first time and indisputable the second time I pointed it out so there really was no reason I had to repeat it the 3rd for it to be any clearer and by the 4th time she heard it- she simply had enough!


3 simple words yet so profound with meaning and symbolism. I know you think I’m being my sarcastic self when I say that, why yes, yes I am, however, this time I also mean it.  How astute it is to just move forward and let go of the past mistakes.

Why can’t we as adults just simply move on?

My husband loves to tell me that I am MISS FORGETFUL (names, birthdays etc) EXCEPT when it comes to our old fights….then i remember everything.

I’m like a resourceful library Dewey Decimal system when it comes to bringing up old arguments and past behaviors …. i NEVER let him win ! He (justifiably) pinpoints that I am fond of rehashing instead of just allowing myself to get over it. (In my defense I always let him have the last words as long as they are “I’m sorry”.)

So this begs the question: Why do some adults choose to spend years in therapy  mulling and dwelling over past incidences (or in my case wishing I had a therapist who would listen to me  dwell )  rather than just moving forward and looking ahead at what we CAN accomplish in the future?

Why look at the past and rehash when you can look at the future as an opportunity to make it better and improve???

Gained a litle weight over the holidays?


Work stresssing you out a bit?


Kids making you a little crazy?


Fill in the blanks of what;s making you anxious/stressed/sleep deprived and then…..


If only life were that simple where we can release our self destructive thoughts or negative energy with 3 simple words and transform the emotion into positive and productive energy?

Or isn’t it?

Let’s practice this week and poll our result.

Feedback encouraged.

One thought on “I’m SO Over It…..

  1. You couldnt be more right! I have a lot of experience in this department with my family! Apologies our accepted but never forgotten! After much reading into this I discovered “Why”? this happens. People’s emotions are dictated by their “EGO”. Their EGO and a lot of pride make it very hard for someone to just “Get Over It”! If people could just drop their pride and look at the bigger picture….it would be a lot easier to forgive! But some reason our EGO has to be Right and get in the way all the time!

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