Follow up to the rules…..

I’m glad many of you got a kick out of this morning’s post on GYM etiquette and your feedback and own stories were HILARIOUS!!….THAT BEING SAID:

You will not believe my gym experience right after i posted this morning ! I could not make this stuff up…..

All FOUR rules were broken at once right there next to me all at the same time. the woman on the machine next to mine was wearing a very strong scent (Rule # 3- SMELL) and yacking it up on her cell phone (Rule # 1-CELL) talking to her Gynecologist  (not kidding- i know all about her medical history now and how she worries she’s menopausal- or could it possibly be just poor air circulation at home that gives her night sweats?) when a man about her age came up to her and to be close to her he stood right on top of me – ( Rule # 2 -SPACE) and asked her about her work etc.

Like out of a Nora Ephron movie they soon discovered they both work in similar industries, both have been divorced for quite some time , both live in Boca and the list goes on and on.

Well, I don’t need to tell you that this particular single lady (Rule #4 ) was indeed welcoming to her visitor and soon they were following my suggestion and walking off to the cafeteria to continue their lovely conversation!


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