Some unspoken GYM rules….


I recently read an article about GYM Etiquette …..the unspoken rules everyone should stick by even though they’re technically not written in the by laws but simply common sense – or so you would think- and i decided to post about it.  Just the other day i experienced my own little rules broken…..and let me tell you, when ALL  protocols malfunction at once it’s not a pretty sight!

here are mine now send me yours and let’s discuss!

  1. SKIMPIES….You know them well, you’ve seen them around and pretended not to stare when you just cant help but glare through your side squint and hide the disdainful (and possibly envious) look on your face that is so obviously screaming out : “how low can she go”? !!!

You know exactly who I’m talking about – the woman with the  Skimpy outfit that is either 3 sizes too small on her bulging waistline or extraordinarily large bosom or so low cut that it reveals the birthmarks you have no business knowing exist. Now this is not to say that you should come dressed to workout  like ROCKY Balboa in a cooler filled with dead cow carcasses with heavy sweats and winter hats but still….come on people have some class! (she said dressed in black when everyone else in Florida wears tight pink). And for the men out there, I must declare that I am all about looking in the mirror and admiring your reflection as you crunch those muscles into shape but I think mirrors are best used to improve form and not to adjust your family jewels.

  1. GADGETS ….Blackberries, iphones, ipads whatever the newest toy may be – they all have silence or vibrate modes. Seriously? Do you really think you are THAT important? You really can’t wait another 5 minutes until the cool down to yack it up?  Now I’ve been a victim of this crime many – o – times myself- but needless to say- take the freaking half hour to yourself and enjoy your time AWAY from it all!! Unless you see your kids school light up on the phone don’t bother answering it – not worth your precious and limited time to yourself. (You are really not that indispensable- trust me). HOWEVER…..we all know there are times when little Sally on the playground simply can not wait another minute and you MUST pick up immediately or horror of horrors the call will go to voice mail. At this point INSTRUCTORS of the world out there- pay attention- YOUR class is simply not a press meeting at the White House and if we need to pick up the phone and excuse ourselves or check a text once in a while….let it go!!!! Do NOT announce a 100 times to the class that its against the RULES ….we know we know we know. (As my post declared yesterday: GET OVER IT).
  2. SPACE- come on people! don’t you know its so uncool to lay your yoga mat right on top of me when there is an entire room available for you to stretch your limbs??? Your sweat and my sweat should not be within a 12 inch parameter of each other, USe the invisible ZONE force field please. ENOUGH said.
  3. SMELL: this can not be reiterated enough times: LEAVE YOUR PERFUME AT HOME!!!!!!!! O.M. G.  why oh why do I need to smell hibiscus, rose petals and lilac at the gym? Leave the CKim Kardashian perfumes for going to town and Take these two words to the grave: Right Guard. thats it. all ya need.
  4. All the SINGLE ladies!! ….so even if you’ve been married for 30 years or you are just starting to date. …STOP trying to pick up the ladies when they are simply trying to squeeze in a few bicep curls before donning their sleeveless dress to go to town that night. HEAR ME NOW….. They are SO not interested in your bald head .  (Although i find it so amusing to observe you getting shut down because contrary to your world of no mirrors , the SINGLES do have clear vision and simply not interested.) yes I know I am harsh and i understand that the dating world may be slightly more challenging now that google leaves no secrets behind closed doors however leave the chatting to the cafeteria smoothies afterwards as some of us need to work into that machine youre hoarding.

Ok- now YOU tell me your biggest frustrations with the gym. Also send me feedback on the best parts about working out in a gym atmosphere- we LOVE positive enthusiastic feedback!!!!!!!!!

Next post POSITIVE things about the gym and working out!!!!!

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