Step away from the Halloween candy…….


Here we are the day after….whether you went trick or treating or spent the day in the office with Halloween candy covering every inch of workspace, let’s reassess the damage:

Hershey kisses, candy corn, butterfingers, babyruth, tootsie rolls – whatever your particular fancy was at the time when the little devil on your shoulder whispered sweet nothings in your ear to coerce you into eating it, now it’s time to MOVE FORWARD and ignore that little voice inside your head that is suggesting you continue eating it.

You know which voice I’m talking about – the voice that tells you to buy the designer skinny jeans because they are on sale only to come home with you and remain in your closet because your – not – as -skinny legs don’t quite belong together. Yes, that same voice that is now telling you: “It’s ok, I can have just one more….I really CAN stop at one.” Well, guess what?….B.S.!! (Which stands for BE SMART)….make the right choice and just STEP AWAY from the candy bowl before you do something your hips will regret.


So here are a few tricks that will help you recover from the  treats….

  1. THROW the JUNK away! Don’t even consider justifying in your head that it would be a waste of money to discard perfectly good food as we all know that candy adds no nutritional value whatsoever and when eaten in large volume WILL lead to heart disease and diabetes which ultimately can kill you so by throwing it away you are actually preserving your own life. So chuck it, deep-six it, dump, scrap, ditch the stuff and commend yourself for being a lifesaver.
  2. Change your tune. Stop referring to candy as “treats”. Call a spade a spade. It is what it is: JUNK. My kids know that when they want a sugary snack they need to use the actual word “junk” because if they use the word “treat” in my house they will surely get a bowl of pineapple or strawberries. Now fresh seasonal fruit which you can’t just find at any corner bodega or gas station is TRULY a treat. When you stop thinking candy is special it won’t be as appealing.
  3. Stock up at the health food store. I swear I am not a natural purist at all…I don’t even like organic food. I prefer the jumbo sized pumped with preservatives and hormones fruit myself, but for some inexplicable reason, whenever I go into a health food store I get caught up with the  unconventional boho nonconformist aura of it all and end up buying foods with ingredients I never heard of but due to the nature of the marketing and way its stocked on the bamboo lined shelf I am convinced they are made with essential elements that are supposed to nourish me.
  4. EAT ALOT! Stay with me here it’s going to make sense…. if you eat ALOT of healthy foods at least every 3 hours – you will feel so satiated and full that you won’t even WANT to eat unhealthy junky snacks. Trust me on this one….eat a BIG breakfast early!! (i just had egg white omelet with spinach and its not even 6:30am) have a mid morning second breakfast with complex carb. Enjoy a HUGE salad with all the fixings with your protein packed complex carb lunch and make sure to snack on carrots and hummus or celery and peanut butter before dinner. Then accompany your lean protein dinner with a plethora of vegetables and top it off with fruit for dessert. just keep eating – healthful choices – ALL day- every few hours- and don’t go hungry and you will not be as tempted to reach for the snickers.
  5. DRINK WATER!!!!

Good luck and post your own tricks for Halloween week to my blog !!!!



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