It doesn’t have to snow to take a chill……


When the powers that be say that you can take the girl out of New York but you can’t take New York out of the girl they most certainly were referring to me now that I live in Florida.

Like Eva Gabor in Green Acres I am that woman that sticks out like a sore thumb but makes the best of it with my designer overalls. I am that New Yorker who still thinks honking at the 101 year old man driving 11 miles an hour in front of me will make him drive faster when undoubtedly he doesn’t even hear my horn let alone see over the steering wheel. (At least I thought so until he flipped me the bird).

Now I am not trying to make fun of the elderly as I hope to still be able to drive at a ripe old age (hell, i hope to MAKE it to a ripe old age) but I certainly need to learn that Dorothy is now in Kansas and things are just, well, slowwww-wer here.

Which brings me to my point……we all need to learn to CHILL THE +!@#$%^^ &^%((()##@@OUT !!!!!

Im referring mostly to the high strung intense aura that most of us have been carrying on our shoulders and take with us everywhere we go and incorporate into everything we do.

See, in the East Coast we do everything at a fast pace.

We take out food fast, we ride to work on subways that travel 85 miles an hour, we take 8 minute lunches and do 10 minute abs….everything is Go ! Go! Go!

I’m starting to learn from these slower paced Floridians and it’s a valuable lesson:

TAKE IT EASY. CHILL OUT. Life is short as we know and if we are too busy being bothered by the little things and rushing all the time we won’t be able to enjoy the day to day.

In other words, if you are like me and you’re busy STRESSING about getting to your next appointment, being 20 minutes early to your meeting , being first in carpool line, than it’s time to reevaluate HOW you live.

I’ve preached this many times before without practicing but I am officially stepping off my soap box and becoming a devotee now that I am forced to WAIT and hence work on my PATIENCE and TOLERANCE towards the slower race and all I can do is just BREATHE. And you know something?…I actually feel a tiny bit HEALTHIER doing so!

SO ask yourself fellow HEALTH enthusiasts: what is the rush? Can it wait another 4 1/2 minutes before you earn yourself an angina attack? The answer is most likely yes so, take a BREATH. INHALE. EXHALE. REPEAT.

Just BREATHE ….trust me – it does a body good.


2 thoughts on “It doesn’t have to snow to take a chill……

  1. Well first of all I like you New York women…..kinda similar to us LA women. We are always in a rush and have no patience at all. Yep…Im one of those women too!!!! But I dont know if I will ever get used to the slow drivers here in Florida!!!! That is a BIG BIG deep breathe that I must take!!!

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