Go ahead and tell me what you want to change…..



For those of you who have followed my posts over the past year or so, you know that I am fond of  fresh starts to motivate us to the next level (whatever that means to you).

I also write a lot about CHANGE and the meaning of that word to each of us as individuals. By that I mean, each of us is different in what we want to change and how we go about it. But ultimately, as I’ve written about before, we all need one thing in common in order to make that change happen….we need to WANT it.

Now I am all in favor of a “quick fix” like a “30 day shred” campaign to get to the next fitness level, or hiring a personal trainer to teach you to exercise in proper form, or a ‘detox” 10 day diet plan but I need to reiterate to you that REAL change comes from within and it happens in an INSTANT.

Change is mental – and THAT DECISION to change happens immediately. But the actual progress and procedure of doing the WORK to MAKE the change LAST and persevere is by STICKING to it for LIFE.

Changing your DAILY practice to incorporate GOOD HABITS needs to take place over a LIFETIME.

Anytime we think we will do a quick fix and don’t incorporate it into a lifestyle, we are setting ourselves up for failure.

What we need to work on is changing our daily routines and practices.




Crash Diets fail because they don’t last – we  can’t possibly sustain them  on a long term basis or we’d faint by noon

(I have complained enough about the slow pace here I certainly don’t need to wait in line even longer because someone fainted in front of me from malnutrition! And don’t think it looks good to diet down to stick thin bones. Men HATE that – they prefer their women with meat on their bodies- trust me I have asked enough males about this to write a book on the subject. For goodness sake ladies- EAT!!!)

I have no issue with the “detox” phase of a diet plan (although I am not a fan of them personally as I am a slow and steady eat a lot of healthful choices kind of gal) but I relate to the motivational factor that the immediate result can provide. However, the caveat is that the remainder of the “diet” routine needs to be healthful and smart and sufficient enough to last a lifetime. Diet by definition simply  means a “selection of food” – if you make the proper food “selections” over the course of your life- and make eating healthy options a life STYLE – you are making that CHANGE that is sustainable.


For ultimate results that LAST make a GOAL sheet and hang it up where you can see it everyday: on your nightstand, your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror- wherever you can see it and read it daily to remind yourself of WHAT you want to accomplish and HOW you are going to CHANGE to make that happen.

Write in your feedback on WHAT you are going to change and HOW you are going to do it. I will publish your comments as I find them to be motivational when (anonymously of course unless you choose otherwise)

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