Tweet together don;t Eat together…..


Now that it’s officially FLU season (although here in Florida I’m more concerned about sunburn) I think it’s appropriate to speak about the most contagious of influenzas: the FAT FLU.

Yes, I said it. Fat can be contagious.

Come on people!! Truth be told we all know that eating with friends is so tantalizingly infectious and filled with merriment that it most often leads to over indulgence and ultimately ……affliction of the apple proportions.


We all have the friends that cause anxiety, or the ones that bring on tension, but close friends – especially those of the female kind -can lead to social eating and – yikes- don’t say it! …the FAT FLU!!!!!!!!


We’ve all done it. We all know what happens when friends go out , have some drinks, order tapas and talk talk talk….then order some entrees and more drinks and talk some-more then just one dessert “to share”  …..which leads to more destructive (and FUN!) behavior.

All I’m saying is that it’s important to be aware that having friends is dangerous!!!

Be CAUTIOUS!! My advice to you is to only socialize with anorexics. (OMG I’m sooooo kidding!!!) but seriously folks- just enjoy the moment and appreciate your comfort level you have when going out  with the girls – but stay attuned to the HEALTHY lifestyle you chose and know that one night of partying isn’t going to infect you with the fat flu. SEVERAL  nights of partying however ….. well, just be aware…..can be contagious.

Now that the weekend is upon us and we are approaching date night and social galas galore……it’s more than ok to indulge and enjoy! GO HAVE FUN!!!  But be mindful of the germs that linger 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tweet together don;t Eat together…..

  1. I disagree…..when I go out with friends who over eat it makes me more conscious of what I eat because I dont want to look like them. It also works when I eat with my skinny friends because I want to look like them so I eat like them. If my friend dosent eat bread…..I dont want to be the one one eating it either! So I think it can work both ways!

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