Serenity Now!!! Thanks Mr. Costanza….


Remember that Calgon bath soap commercial from the 70‘s that depicted a woman overcome with tension when she walked into her kids bedroom in the midst of a feathery downpour of pillow fighting gone dreadfully wrong????

IF you haven’t seen or don’t remember that commercial see link below.*******

All her problems and anxieties seemed to just go away by bathing in those magical bubbles….I guess back then people had BIGGER problems than Global Warming, the War in Iraq, the failing economy, and countless unemployment…. such as walking into a roomful of feathers….Lord knows THAT can take ANYONE over the edge.  I know I sure wouldn’t want to be in her shoes at that moment- I may have gotten tickled by a falling feather.  I hate being tickled.

But regardless of the horror of it all, she found her serene place to go to take away all her problems if only for a fleeting moment. Nevertheless she still had what George Costanza’s nutty dad referred to as her “Serenity Now!!” moment.

We should all learn from this overstressed woman of the Calgon 70’s and follow her lead. Whenever we are in need of a “moment”  –  that feeling of wanting to escape from it all – we all have been there when the overwhelming desire comes over us and all we can think about is screaming or running away. Well go ahead and RUN! ….Run fast to that place of “Serenity Now!!”

Know where it is before hand, create it in your mind so that it is your “GO TO” escape and you can get there in an instant. Mostly it’s in your mind – all in a manner of moments you can train your brain to calm down. It starts as a MENTAL location where you take your first serenity breath and relax, THEN you can GO to that physical location to find the serenity PLACE we all deserve and NEED.

Everyones place is different.

For some it can be as simple as a coffee shop – sitting in that same overstuffed chair by the window as people walk past you and you try to guess what they do, how they live. For others, like myself, it’s the beach. I am fortunate enough to be able to pass it everyday or as needed. All it takes is to stare at the ocean and breathe in the fresh sea air for a few moments and immediately my heart rate lowers and my shoulders drop back down, my back straightens up and the tension of the day is somewhat eased.

But for the 18 years I lived in Manhattan my escape was the Calgon tub. I would fill my tiny bathroom tub with bubbles, pour myself a glass of wine and bring in my magazines and most important part of the equation: LOCK THE DOOR. The kids knew that there was no disturbing mommy during her “Serenity Now!!”  time or all hell would break loose.

(All they had to do is try it once and they were  scared straight – so much so that whenever i got mad they began running the tub for me!)

We all need an escape – the place to indulge ourselves in our “Serenity Now!!” moment where we can always count on to help us unwind, count to 10, inhale, whatever you need to do to get that feeling of calm that immediately comes over you when you get there.

If you don’t have one GO GET IT ! Now!

*****For further entertainment click here:

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