To every change there is a season….



When you changed the clocks did you somehow feel like your entire body changed with it? I have to say I was EXHAUSTED Sunday night! No change in weather. No change in routine. Simply the idea that it’s an hour past my bedtime. I am perfect for Florida in the manner that I am such an old lady when it comes to my sleep habits. I must be in bed by 9:00 pm or my whole body seems out of whack. Ok, I lied, 8:00 PM max ( I like to watch my shows while cozied up in pj’s).

Did the same evening exercise class seem slightly harder because you were working out an hour later than usual? (Or maybe you just simply needed an excuse to go slower…hey we all need a break sometime).

WHETHER it’s just a feeling or WEATHER it’s seasonal related – your body is still adapting- or re-adapting to the change in clocks which ultimately means the change in weather.

I can attest to the games the clock change plays on the human psyche….I used to be that girl that woke up at the crack of dawn to go to the gym before work. ( Somehow after years of paying my dues, the heavens aligned and I am now fortunate enough to go later in the day when the sky is blue not black. ) But I knew that once the clock turned back – living in Manhattan – it was still manageable to wake up and go before the morning papers were delivered simply because it was the city that didn’t sleep and i was most certainly not the only person outside at an insane hour of the predawn day. But once I moved to NJ and I was the ONLY person outside in a 3 mile radius, well let’s just say i allowed myself to slack off. ( I was also extremely paranoid of local robbers and wandering coyotes…. which made it a good excuse to press snooze!)

Let’s also discuss the brutal winter months when it’s so cold and snowy that the thought of getting out of bed at any hour of the day is dreadful. My NJ housekeeper knew when i began my hibernation period because she used to have to wash my baggy old sweatpants so often as I expected them to be ready for me the minute I returned home from work even if that meant it was only 5:30pm. (ok, i admit, I wore them ALL year round as they were also interchangeable as my “cauliflower pants” to eat my big dinner which included a host of bloat worthy – i.e.- stinky gas causing veggies) But that is a different blog altogether.

Change of clocks, change of seasons, change of weather…its all the same thing….it can EASILY lead to a change in pattern, an interruption of good habits.

Now more than ever, it’s essential to stick to your exercise routine regardless of how tempting it is to roll over and press snooze.

Just think of it this way: If you remain steady and diligent in working through the winter months , come summer time you will already be bikini ready !





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