one more salute to the vets……



Today is Veterans day. I’m glad that schools around the country commemorate this day and give the children the day off ….I only wonder why they don’t express  the REASON behind the mini vacation. Which brings me to this mornings event:

I took the kids with me to the market at the crack of dawn. While we were checking out, an older gentleman was in line behind us. He asked my kids if they knew WHY they did not have school today.

When they responded with “Yes, today is Parent Teachers Conferences” (although true, not exactly the answer that this octogenarian wanted to hear) he corrected them by explaining what this day is really about. He followed up by saying that HE was a veteran and proceeded to share some of his experiences – the brief and edited version.

The kids were fascinated.

When I was a kid I remember loving this day where we were given the day off for no apparent reason – I now realize that the shame of it was that we thought there was no apparent reason.

Why not give our kids grounds to reflect on the past wars and honor those that have given their lives to protect our country?

Today, more than ever before, we can reflect not just on past wars but unfortunately on the present one too.

Which leads me to believe that instead of saying the world is in such turmoil, America’s economy is in upheaval with 9% unemployment, the housing market is in the toilet, I prefer to say: I am so lucky I get to live in a free country.

Teach our kids to reflect and honor our heroes. Who knows, one day they may grow up to be one themselves.

Lets hope by the time they are grown there wont be a need for them to be given that option.

Have a great weekend!


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