Eat, Cheat and be Healthy….

After a full week of eating clean and choosing healthy fare – feeling great and productive – I went out Saturday night with old friends and allowed myself to let loose.

I drank 3 glasses of wine, ate a colossal amount of sushi and had ice cream with Reese’s peanut butter topping for dessert. Sunday morning I woke up fully expecting my fingers to be bloated Vienna sausages but despite the fear of the anticipated guilt and shame that usually accompanies “cheating” on my healthful diet, lo and behold, instead of feeling like an oompa loompa from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, I actually felt great!!

I had a great night and most importantly, I didn’t feel deprived or restricted.

When describing the meaning of the word “CHEAT” it is  Simply put :







pull a fast one.

These descriptions often denote a negative connotation, however, when using them in a sentence that refers to a clean diet, a CHEAT DAY is actually a great way to speed up your weight loss and deceive, hood-wink, defraud, bamboozle, pull a fast one and trick YOUR BODY to actually work MORE efficiently and burn even more fat!!

Follow me here….If, for the most part, like myself, you enjoy eating healthful meals that include whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats and nuts, legumes, fruits and vegetables, then one day a week for a “Cheat” is a great way to rev up your metabolism and feel like you are LIVING your LIFE without feeling restricted.

Now I know you will be tempted to justify in your warped head ( as we all tend to do) and think you can run out to buy the 2 for 1 orange colored creme filled Halloween Oreos on sale at Publix….HOWEVER, this is not a license to binge but rather, to STRATEGIZE your weekly cheat meal properly and wisely.

I knew in advance that I was going out to a great restaurant with close friends and I PLANNED to eat and drink that night. By indulging with INTENTION you can prepare your favorite splurge which ultimately can assist in loosening you up a bit and enable you to push yourself hard during the week when selecting healthy choices.

Another great tidbit is to eat HIGH calories, carbohydrates and protein on the days that you work out the hardest (for me that’s Mondays when I take a spin class taught by a RAVING MAD superhuman who thinks we are ALL preparing for the Ironman) and limit (don’t exclude – just control) the carbohydrates the day before the cheat day. The day after should be your lowest calorie day – again, don’t withhold- just eat less. (I don’t count calories but I know never to go below 1200 or you will slow down your metabolism).

After cheat day just resume your normal routine of healthy clean eating. This system of eating will shake up your system and trick your body into shifting gears and working harder FOR you!

And remember: NOT all calories are created equal!! Don’t think that eating just a Dolly Madison for lunch will create the calorie deficit you need…..although sounds fun – will not provide the nutrients your body needs …remember this is a HEALTHY fit for life plan!!!!!

(I have written about my ice cream diet in the past but ill remind you all of it again since it brings a smile every time I think back on those days when my friends and I would think  we could outsmart the diet gurus and create our own diet plans that were simply more amusing that cabbage soup and grapefruit)…..So, years ago I went on a 3 day diet of eating ONLY chocolate ice cream for 3 meals a day,  for 3 days straight. I lost 7 pounds!!!  Then I ate cottage cheese and fruit and gained 8 back. Oh to be young and dumb!!

Send me your cheat day plan!!! My next cheat day is next Saturday night- already planning it now which will help me push through tomorrows brutal spin class! Up on the menu: Clean eating recipes!  Ill show you mine if you show me yours!!

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