Hump day! YAY!….


Hump day. When I first heard that term I thought it was imprudent that they named the middle of the week as the  hurdle when in actuality the TRUE hump should really be Mondays.

Aren’t Mondays the toughest challenge of all the week days to attempt to get over a long relaxing weekend?

I knew a guy who used to give the same line every single Monday morning:

“  I never had a weekend I didn’t like” when asked politely at the office “how was your weekend?”

With the exception of a natural disaster or a funeral, typically weekends are the best days of the week and Mondays just suck. So why name Wednesday as the focal point to the hump? I look at midweek as midway there! Only 2 more days until my next great weekend! I LOVE Wednesdays! I get 2 days to recover from my over indulging on Saturdays and Sundays (i.e.: over imbibing and “cheating” responsibly) and bonus!.. I get 2 more days to be as productive at work as possible before I get to party all over again.

It’s so interesting to me that certain cliches or as I refer to them as “politeiscsms” stick…. some of my favorites in Florida come from the old people whose favorite topic is the weather.

My neighbor thinks he is a meteorologist and defers to the obvious when greeting me:

“It’s going to be hot today”. Being from NYC, my first instinct is to answer with “No sh&%t Sherlock we live in Florida”, but instead I graciously thank him and agree that yes, it will be hot today. Then he reminds me that it might rain later. Good thing he tells me that as I may have forgotten my galoshes. Gotta love him.

Which brings me to my point:

Although I am known for my outgoing and  assertive personality and strength, I have learned that sometimes it’s easier to keep your opinion to yourself and instead just smile and agree. We all have or have had someone in our lives that just annoys the #$%^& out of us but in most cases, it’s simply easier to smile and move on.

Why am I writing about this now? In exactly one week from today it will be Hump day of a different nature….the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
Ahhh, Thanksgiving – the day of the week when families typically get together to eat like pigs and enjoy or annoy each other or both.

For some of you that may mean an opportunity to get together with your family and delight in each others company and for others that may mean an opportunity to get together with your family. (Need I say more?)

So just accept the Hump day as it is meant to be….an opportunity to embrace what is ahead and to reflect on what is behind

and do what you would if you ran into my neighbor : smile and talk about the weather.

Up on the menu next week: How to savor a Thanksgiving meal without sabotaging your entire month of progress!!!

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