Incentives: They work magic…..

I have recently implemented a system for my kids to earn a point each time they follow the mommy handbook of rules and regulations. This (mental) handbook for those of you mothers who have not received the faxed or emailed version, is the very latest edition just off the presses and updated with the the very best examples of dealing with children complaining, whining and fighting.

For all intensive purposes, the point system serves to enforce ONE and only ONE overriding RULE:

….. Not to bother Big Mama while she is drinking her wine in the tub or watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

MISSION GOAL: Make Big Mama happy and stop the kvetching.

MISSION METHOD: make said children believe there is a reward they are slowly earning every time they demonstrate said mission goal.

MISSION OUTCOME: I am pinching myself as I write this but it is genuine and authentic…..said children are actually on best behavior – ever – and actually motivated by earning points!!


Incentives. They are magical brilliant mind tricks that are simply opportunities to provide someone a good reason to do something.

When we use incentives at the gym to motivate us to work a little harder (or to just GET there) we are essentially using the same point system – only instead of the reward being a new dress for Barbie, our own incentives may be more adult, such as a new (smaller) dress for Mama.

My personal incentive: I am working towards dropping another couple pounds (ahem, ok a “few”? )  until I’m back to my lean and mean shredded self, and when I succeed, I plan to destroy the racks at Lulu Lemon to buy myself even smaller and sexier workout outfits to motivate me to CONTINUE pushing myself harder and carry on working out consistently.

What are YOUR incentives???

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