Some shmuck has to use the broken bike in the back….



This morning I started my day 15 minutes later than usual  (which is why i didn’t blog this AM) and it somehow threw my entire day off kilter- just slightly. I just couldn’t get my act together at the gym when deciding what to do.

I find that when I don’t have a plan BEFORE I walk into the gym I inevitably waste time while AT the gym which leads to time wasted AFTER the gym. Does it seem like the universe centers around gym time? Why yes, yes it does. But by “gym time” I refer to “30 minutes ALONE” time -which could really mean anything for that matter that does not involve work or kids.


I typically take a spin class on Monday mornings but the instructor was out so I was a bit hesitant….subs and I don’t usually get along- the “regular” instructors know me by now and understand that it’s a given NOT to TOUCH my bike -even when they ask the class to “crank it up” and simulate a hill – my bike always stays LEVEL. I speed up or slow down accordingly but my resistance does not.

All it takes to develop this mutual understanding is one initial glare at the first time taking their class and the instructor “gets it” …a silent mutual understanding to back the hell off of the crazy woman who likes to sing out loud’s bike !

It’s typically the subs with their enthusiastic positive energy (gotta love em) trying to prove themselves to the class that tend to get off their own bike to approach me and try – just once– to increase my resistance in order to match their quicksand hill- thats typically when  all hell breaks loose and I pop them in the face (or at least i dream sequence that happening but usually I just give a stare down).

So back to this morning….Because I procrastinated I got to class a little late and had to get a bike in the back….of course my luck I chose the only broken one. (No, was not bad luck just bad timing- someone has to get stuck with the broken one and it sure isn’t the first to arrive).

….so I just pushed half heartedly through the broken pedal and ignored the glares of the other immensely annoyed spinners who had to listen to my wheels squeaking and pushed my self to finish a half hour of cardio.  A true champ!


So two very brief yet important lessons:

1. Live your LIFE the way you want it and never waiver even if the entire class is killing you silently with eye daggers and

2. Don’t procrastinate or you’ll end up with the broken bike. No life analogy here – just literally the broken bike. It’s not fun.

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