Grow OLD in Style….

It’s come to my attention that some of you may have the impression that I am prejudice when it comes to old people because I have been mocking them so often now that I live in Florida. Well, in my defense,  I must assure you that I  no more discriminate against old people than any other age people…in fact, I am an equal opportunity mocker!

I make fun of anyone who makes me think and “challenges” my comfort zone. Which leads me to my new profound epiphany……

I most certainly do not harbor any prejudgement towards old people – on the contrary- I am beyond envious of them!! TO not only have the time to be sssssssooooooo sllooooowww about EVERYTHING they do but to actually LOOK for things to keep them occupied such as leaving notes on my car at night warning me that “The Sheriff ” has been alerted that my car was parked an inch on the grass when rules and regulations of old people streets deem that no car should be within a 10 inch radius of any greenery, lest it actually make a difference in anyones lives.

WOW- I envy that luxury of time to think of complaints!

All I know is that WHEN and IF I am old I plan to PARTY like a ROCKSTAR and do all the things I was too cautious about doing in my youth.

For instance, the day I turn 90 i will celebrate with multiple daily snorts of cocaine and have a flask permanently attached  to my cane so I can drink while tripping out on ecstasy.

I plan to have a souped up walker with a shelf designed specifically to hold the whiskey and blow.

I also aspire to have every inch of my wrinkled saggy body tattooed and pierced….and drive around in a motorized scooter with the music blaring profane lyrics (mostly because i probably won’t be able to hear on normal volume- especially after years of spin classes with the music cranked so high). Oh- and I for sure wont wear a helmet when riding my bike! woo- wild!

Yup, I plan to go out with STYLE.

On a completely different note (but thought of because IF i PLAN to LIVE that long to enjoy the benefits of wild partying I have to eat healthy right?) so….

I just wanted to share a few of my breakfast recipes I can’t get enough of!!!

Oatmeal pancakes:

in blender mix the following:

oatmeal (Dry)

almond milk (unsweetened)

3 oz. egg whites (liquid or real)

blend and the take “batter” and panfry with Pam- whala!! a delis=cous low calorie high fiber pancake!!

JB’s Homemade egg salad:

4 egg whites

1 yolk

I can’t believe its not butter spray

dijannaisse mustard

mix all ingredients together put in whole wheat pita with celery and lettuce tomato -so yum!

Share some of your favorites!

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