Sometimes you’ve got to unzip that hoodie…..


Regardless of where our weekends take us, with the hustle and bustle of early morning runs, birthday parties galore and play dates gone wild…since we moved to Florida we ALWAYS end our Sundays at the beach.

Even if it’s on the cooler side (72 and sunny) I have to spend at least an hour reflecting on the waves and the vastness of the ocean to end my week and prepare for the new one ahead.

Well, yesterday I had to actually rethink my old people philosophy…there I stood all bundled up in my hoodie with my toes barely immersed in the sand. Although it was a perfect cool breeze, I felt little goosebumps developing.

They say your blood thins the longer you live in a warm climate yet i continue to gently mock those friends of mine who’ve lived here for years and look forward to “Winter” when they who insist on wearing their winter boots and wool sweaters despite the 85 degree warmth. I maintain that I will not succumb to pressure of the fashion world despite it being almost December- if it’s hot I don my sleeveless and sandals. I have deemed war against my over the knee boots!

So back to the beach…..

Lo and behold out of nowhere, 3 old people were walking briskly toward me. As soon as they reached the water they took a running start (YES- a RUNNING start!)and JUMPED into the ocean!! The 3 of them continued to frolic in the waves and scream with glee as if they were kids jumping waves for the first time!

I just LOVED it! Watching them let go and enjoy the moment really inspired me. So I was left with no choice but to unzip my hoodie just a little bit and dip my feet in the water. Felt good.


Lesson learned: It doesn’t matter what your age or stage of life…enjoy the moment when it comes.

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