Procrastination is an ugly word….


As some of you know, this week I am packing up to move to a new house – albeit temporary- I still feel like George jefferson moving on up to the East side.

With fish frying in the kitchen and beans burning on the grill, I am reluctant to actually get my hands dirty and pack.

The funny part about that is that I never really UNpacked from my first move here 3 months ago.

For some reason, (I like to blame it on human nature) I am procrastinating the inevitable shlepping and lugging that is unavoidable in an moving situation.

The even funnier part about that is – some people in N.J. STILL aren’t even aware that I ever left because I packed up my 5 bedroom house of 3 years of stuff in literally ONE day.

I call that the “HULK effect”…when a person desires something so much so that they can’t go on without having it- they develop a temporary supernatural superhuman strength to attain it no matter how difficult it may be.

With paranormal powers I managed to liquidate, donate and discard every item of furniture, every piece of clothing and every knick knack i owned -all to just GET UP AND GO! After all, i was finally getting my dream in life….moving to the sunshine state!

Today I realized that I did not bring any worldly possessions with me – I abandoned and donated all my decorator selected designer furniture – yet I managed to bring 8 bottles of cough syrup, expired vitamins and one heating pad that doesn’t work.  I suppose the mind goes into autopilot when rushing!!

So here I am at a crossroads of procrastination- but WHY?…. I am certainly moving to a better location for my family’s needs (although admittedly have been exceedingly comfortable here in this over 55 community….i have developed habits to be envied…eating a bland dinner at 4 PM, insisting that the TV is too loud while I am in bed by 8 PM, up at 5 AM writing to noone in particular…..) yet I am still PROCRASTINATING….which brings me to the heart of the matter and today’s lesson learned…..

When a person desires something so deeply s/he will stop at nothing to get it.

That rule can be applied to ANYTHING- from desires of the heart such as love, to desires of objects or even simply  companionship…. it doesn’t matter.

Desperate people do desperate things.

When a person is satisfied and comfortable in his/her current situation the aspiration  and inclination to make that change to improve it isn’t as vital.

I worked in sales for years when I was younger….I was always the top salesperson each quarter. Back then it was eat what you kill and we were reminded that EVERYONE is replaceable and more importantly: You are only as good as your last sale….meaning in very clear terms STAY on top – always be improving – or the next younger version is lined up like a HAWK ready to pounce  for your spot.

In life if we allow ourselves to get TOO comfortable in who we are or better yet- who we have allowed ourselves to become- we lose sight of the fact that we could be reaching for higher goals.

We should take each and every day to work on improving our situation, our lives.

Today I ask myself what will I do to improve my situation?…..and so the packing begins!

2 thoughts on “Procrastination is an ugly word….

  1. Best of luck packing and moving to your new home. Love your daily insights, and yes – we should never get too comfortable and I will try to think about that as my day begins…..

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