Jellyfish Smellyfish…..


So this weekend, in case you missed it or questioned why I haven’t blogged, I spent moving into our new Florida digs. On moving day child #2 hit her head, had to be rushed to the ER (by my friend no less, I know – I’m up for mom of the year that I chose to hang with Moishes movers vs. rushing my BABY to the hospital…Not sure what happened that morning but in my head when I replay it , it went somethng like this:

CHILD falls: “cry cry cry- pain pain pain…something about head splitting open and brains falling out…

ME: “Not today on moving day! Nothing will stop me from getting into that country club! Now move!! Get in the car we are late for school and bring me my coffee!”)


But thankfully was just a concussion and Sunday same child got stung by a jellyfish ….this coming off the Saturday  scratch by a neighbors overexcited dog (same neighbor who came running out @ 7am in her bathrobe my first morning here with a delicious plate of homemade biscotti- what was I supposed to do about said dog? …I had no choice but to choose the biscotti baker…hey don’t judge me… you would too if your neighbor not only baked for you but asked what your preference –  cranberry craisin nut or chocolate caramel – then gave us both).


Then I ran into a street light while backing out of my new driveway ( I SWEAR that pole was not there on moving day! I don’t know who pulled the fast one on me and put it there over the weekend but I am pretty certain it was an old person getting back at me for all the wisecracks of old drivers).


Some may refer to these seemingly negative incidences as just bad luck, my friend Diana would say its mercury retrograde.

I think its just Karma by the fact that I’ve spent past few months mocking the old peoples driving abilities….regardless of why it happened – facts remain and worst part is I can’t lie to my husband about the car incident  as i normally would have done, because he was in the car with me so  there was no ” you should have seen the size of the truck that bashed into me” excuse to be had.

As for my little one, well, she took a deep breath and rolled with the punches and wanted to go back into the ocean. She also can’t wait to play with the cute dog (but I think she really just wants to put in her biscotti request)…tough little cookie never lost her laugh …which leads me to the thought of the day….

Regardless of all the above child #2  is still as always walking around happy as a lark…her smile hasn’t diminished .

As for me- I am inspired…my attitude is now even more so geared towards “I will improve”…you see, if you let little things in life interfere with your goal of getting healthier, improving your daily,weekly and monthly productivity you will never succeed in  attaining your goal…you can’t let “bad luck” intervene or deter you from allowing yourself to succeed. Even if you are feeling down or negative about your “luck” or think that things aren’t going your way…..we ALL need to recognize that this is all part of life and must be taken in stride.

Lesson learned:…If life brings you jellyfish stings, PEE on them and move on!!!!!!!

Life is short and these little jellyfish stings should serve as reminders that although we are not always in control of our ultimate destiny we still can dictate the paths we lead while getting there.

Have a great day!

(I’m baaaack!!!)

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