Matchmaker matchmaker make me a match…..

Last night I was watching the first part of the Millioniare Matchmaker Part 1 ( I’m a little late but only JUST figured out how to program my new DVR which is challenging enough on it’s own yet alone when accompanied by my husband flipping me the L shaped hand gesture on my forehead which he loves to (not lovingly)  refers to as the dumbing down of jordana)….hey we all have our indulgences right? Mine just involves reality TV and Beverly Hills….

So while I was eating up the less zaftig newly botoxed version of her famous Patti melts – I had to reflect on the issue of love….

Love is such a personal and uncontrollable thing. Just yesterday I found myself being a thousandaire  matchmaker as I fixed up my new 51 year old gym friend with my 53 year old client. I bring up their age because I find it so relevant and pertinent to differentiate between young love and the  ” experienced ” kind.

Young love is fast and hard and sometimes short. Older love is even faster but a lot softer and to the point.

There just seems to be a lot less chase the second time around. The older generations (anyone over Gen “X”) know how to cut to the chase and go for what REALLY matters. Perhaps they have older bodies so can’t move as fast or just can’t be bothered with game playing because they need to make the early bird special in time…or maybe it’s just that they are at a point in life where they realize they just don’t have time to dilly dally because CSI is about to start.

Regardless of WHY the process of finding love is escalated at an older age, it certainly teaches me a really important lesson….

Not only do I need to remember to try not to take for granted what I have and whom I’m with (although often a challenge when I’m being given the loving “L” for “loser” hand gesture while watching epic and profound TV…hey women always ask for foreplay right?… I’ll take it!)

But also to appreciate that the time we have here is in fact limited so prior to finding husband #2 I should really make a big effort to make husband #1 happy…shouldn’t I?

All kidding aside (lord knows I’ll never remarry- hey if Ashton and Demi can split up- it’s now proven that second marriages can’t last right??)

So bottom line:

Appreciate what you have in life and if you’re single and don’t want to be ( then call me as I am now  an infamous matchmaker ) or take a look around you….he or she may be at the gym on the treadmill next to you but too afraid to say hello…

side note: Smile!! It breaks the ice and it is SO contagious!!

If you can’t be with the one you love (honey!) Love the one you’re with!

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