Save the planet!!! Or not…..

Yesterday I went to the market just for a few things ….while in line checking out, the bagger was packing EACH item in a DIFFERENT, individual plastic bag….I hate those plastic grocery store baggies that are so flimsy they barely make it to the car without tearing…you know the kind that either  pile up under your kitchen sink because you tell yourself you will reuse them for household bathroom garbage pails or they are stored in one of those old lady sacks that people hang in their kitchen and think are so cute (heres a tip: they ARE NOT)….all I know is that when I was a kid, we could always tell which kids were the newly arrived immigrants fresh off the boat because they would use them to hold their lunches while the rest of us had brown baggies that if we were lucky enough, our mothers would draw little hearts and our name in cursive on them…..(but, alas, I digress in a most un-P.C. way….)

So the bagger was giving me a million little plastic baggies to hold 5 items and in the interest of time and energy wasted I said-

“it’s ok to combine all the food items into one bag – this way we can try and save the environment”….without missing a beat she responded:

“Honey, the planet is already a goner…there’s nothing you can do about it!” …..I had to stop and think about that one for a minute.

Are we all doomed for a lifetime of environmental disasters? Should we stop caring that our future generations, when ordering bottled water, will be given the only two options of green sewage or brown waste?

Should we throw in the figurative towel and just discard our plastic bottles away in the – dare I say it?- REGULAR trash bins instead of the recyclables?

Are our children’s children’s children destined to have to live on Kepler – 22b (if you don’t get the reference you really need to stop recording Jersey Shore…but here’s the highlight: NASA discovered a new planet – which reminds me I need to ask my astrologer friend Diana if that will affect my horoscope – but this new planet apparently is ideal for life forms- a perfect 72 degrees which I know most of my NY friends are envying just about now when they are announcing the upcoming Northeast snow storm approaching)…..

This line of questioning reminds me of the pig roommate I was once unlucky enough to have in college by random selection who insisted that she didn’t need to clean up the bathroom after herself because “ it’s just going to get dirty again anyway” …… Yeah and babies poop in their diapers and will do so again- so why bother changing them either?

Seriously folks!!

Think about this for a minute and it will either really depress you or really inspire you to make the change even faster and more efficiently!

Now don’t get me wrong…i am certainly not one of those naturalist / environmentalist who carries around my own nature made sacks to go grocery shopping (too lazy) –  and i don’t drive a bike everywhere I go (too much of a dingy – I drive into existing light poles remember??) and I don’t grow my own tomatoes and greens (although I would love to explore the option of my own version of hydroponic stash in my yard ) but I do pick up my own litter!!!! (I know I am a hero)

So I suppose the take away here is that we all have a responsibility to ourselves, to our children, that we not only need to take care of our bodies and our mindsets but I suppose on some level it’s also our duty to take care of our planet – sigh- yet ANOTHER thing  on my “TO DO” list!!!!

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