“WINNING!!!” …..well, not yet but getting there……

Dear Santa,

I have been a really good girl all year and I ask for just one gift this XMas….

please bring me a new cork screw.

All the Best,


P.S. I have leftover biscotti from the nice lady across the street waiting for you!


You see, last night, while I was opening my routine bottle of wine after dinner,  I broke mine.

At first I panicked, then I called for a CODE RED and made the entire family do a LOCKDOWN.

When I was sure it was safe to come out, I did what any wife would do….. I asked my husband to hold the bottle while I pulled the cork with my teeth.


Not wanting to be a part in ANY of this dysfunctional behavior, he took this opportunity to host a mini intervention with me to lecture me about my drinking habits and remind me that I have lost my mind. (Like I need reminding?)…


Then I did what any trained professional ninja

(i.e.: multitasking working mom ) would do ….I asked myself:


“What would MacGyvor do????”….


Without missing a beat, I quickly grabbed a bobby pin,  a piece of dental floss and a spoon and went into action….lo and behold- the cork came loose enough to push it through the bottle and the emergent situation was immediately  extinguished….all was back to normal.


Mama had her drink on.


So what does this little story teach us dear blog readers?

Perhaps there is a  a good lesson to be learned from this almost tragic experience?…..


Sometimes when LIFE throws you a curve ball you have two choices:

You can either catch it head on or you can dodge it ….


Ok, as you know I am just slightly kidding around here about the cork screw,  but it is TRUE that in life we need to make our own choices. It is up to US to decide how we want to deal with challenges.


I once worked with a guy who used to be the biggest dreamer I had ever known. Each week he would come to work with a new “business idea” that he swore would surely blow the market and make him an overnight success.

I, a natural cynic, decided to point out the flaws in his plans and offer the REALITY of the situation each and every time and explain just how many reasons of WHY his ideas wouldn’t work.

I suppose looking back now, that was not only the natural cynic in me but the fear of failure that I never owned up to.

i used to not put myself out there…I was always the goody girl when I began my career in Sales and Business Development, playing by the rules and meeting my quotas. I t wasn’t until I started asking forgiveness rather than permission (more on that logic in another blog- it merits a post of it’s own) that I began to realize TRUE success both monetarily and emotionally. It was at that point in my life and career when I “thought outside the box” and allowed my natural cynical side to be tamed – allowed myself to dream – that I won the distinction of Best Salesperson each quarter and simultaneously met my husband.

Somewhere along the lines of producing a successful marriage and family – I fell into my comfort zone and accepted complacency….hence, I lost my dreaming side and my ability to envision myself at the next level.

I am slowly working on that issue and I decided to take it public…….


What am I babbling about?

Well, for one thing, I am owning up to you and to myself about NEEDING to take the initiative to improve and allow myself to achieve the dreams I only talk about and never actually pursue.

Yes, when my cork screw broke, I acted like David Banner minutes before turning into the Hulk, I did what I had to do to correct the problem…..but in general, that is what I have been allowing myself to do….reacting vs. PROacting.

So, fellow readers, I am hereby taking you along on my very personal journey to become a DREAMER once again and I invite you to write in about YOUR own personal goals and think up reasons YOU have not allowed yourself to achieve them yet????? FEAR of failure or FEAR of success? It doesn’t matter which one….both are THE only driving forces preventing us from GAIN.


So, as my dear imaginary friend Charlie would say: “Winning!” is now back in my vocabulary






2 thoughts on ““WINNING!!!” …..well, not yet but getting there……

  1. u r hysterical! I also have wine every night..thank gd Dave is not staging an intervention..yet! hope girls r doing well. Eda

  2. girls are so amazing! flourishing here- whats not to love when the sun is always shining?
    how are YOUR girls??? hows everything? hows NJ??? anytime you want to grab a drink you know where to find me (on the beach:)

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